"I've seen him grow a lot, and I've seen him get more comfortable with his position [as a celebrity]. But I also don't see any change in who he is."
- Kristen

"She's a brilliant actress. Breathtakingly beautiful, and furthermore, she has an unbelievable charisma. In front of the camera we harmonised perfectly, the chemistry just worked."
- Robert

Monday, 13 October 2014

Using Common Sense...

I've deliberating whether to continue on with this support mechanism that is DIDY?
It's been 6 long years, 6 wonderful and exciting years in the land of the fandom of Rob and Kristen...

We had to dodge a lot of criticism from those who seem hell bent in making not only their own lives miserable, but the lives of others too.
2012 was a rocky road for us, 2013 seen a lot more heartburn and this last few weeks it has just descended into anarchy for want of a better word...
People choosing sides, people accusing other people of racial discrimination, while others proceed to prove just how really and truly removed they are from reality and they continue hurling insults, making very dangerous accusations and generally proving that it's their lives and their actions need looked at and not others.

Meanwhile, the two people that brought a lot of us together are continuing on with their lives, oblivious (thank god) to the utter chaos this fandom and hater fandom have got themselves in.
2008, saw two people attracted to one and other and there began the split; his fans not wanting him with her and her fans not wanting her to give in and go to him. Neither side have had any say in the outcome, even though either side have made it perfectly clear and vocally loud what their opinions are all about.
And what is if for eh? Answer yourselves that question. The revolt, the disgusting and insulting behaviour; accusing Kristen of the racial slander a young 'up and coming music artist' and demand people boycott her premiere's are people, that far gone in their delusion that they believe their thoughts, their completely lost view of life will make a difference. Do you not understand how completely and utterly lunatic your behaviour is getting?

Kristen Stewart has done nothing wrong in this madness, Robert Pattinson has done nothing wrong in this madness other than not live up to YOUR perfect ideal of what they are supposed to do in your fantasies. The media, that darling gossiping, lying and money making media have had you lot - the fans and the hater fans wrapped around their fingers for so long now that you don't know which end is up. People accusing the media of lying and yet click on every tabloid story, retweet and discuss it at length on social platforms like twitter and tumblr, haven't you realised that YOU are supplying the media with their stories. YOU are the media's 'source'. The haters of either are devious enough to know that's what they are doing, hence they crow so much about it whenever they can. The idiots, those who are condemning in one hand and condoning in the other are giving the media their next paycheck.

It's all this i am done with, not Rob and Kristen. I have always supported them always will. They are two bright stars in a pretty dull sky as far as i am concerned and they both deserve happiness, good lord they both deserve it. They equally deserve good fans too but that seems to be very little too late. So many as soon as the obviously 'tampered with' photos emerged online of Rob out with 'friends, including FKA Twigs' RK fans jumped on the bridge and threw themselves off while throwing Rob under the bus. Similarities of July 2012 came loud and clear and it's with that, where my head is moving towards.

I can't sit by and hold people's hands anymore, i did it the last time and there is not enough energy in me this time to do it again. I have been battling a personal family illness that has taken a good part of me away from sitting online and trying to make people see the truth. My priorities have changed, because of my personal circumstances and life is just too short worrying about whether this fandom is going to survive another Tsunami of hysteria if Kristen so much as looks at her friends a certain way, or Rob is out with friends that also include females. This fandom is it's own worst enemy, i have been saying this since last year. If your waking moments are filled with worrying about what zip code, state, province Rob or Kristen are in. What clothes, bags, glasses they are each wearing. Whether they are ninja and seeing each other, despite the lying media saying something completely different. If who he is hanging out with, who she is hanging out with are just friends and keep on speculating on social media so the media itself writes yet another juicy story...

The perhaps you need them together (or apart) more than you need reality and that is a sad place to be in anyone's life.

I saw a very happy, very content and very 'in place' young woman last week as she took to promoting her new movies with clarity and integrity. That to me says more than i needed to know, Kristen Stewart is in a very good place, both emotionally, physically and spiritually and that as a fan is all i need and deserve to know.

Robert Pattinson has never lived by the code of doing what the media or his fans want him to do just to please them, so if you are waiting for him to perform for you the way you want him too...you will be waiting a very long time indeed. His friends, his life, his work and his place is not doing what YOU want him to do, but what HE wants to do.

As a fan, i have always respected that and will continue to do so, because that is all i deserve to know as a fan.

I will continue to support Rob and Kristen but i refuse to support this fandom and the direction it is heading. I understand people want answers and the only answer i can give you is 'Use Your Common Sense' and your answer will always be there in front of you.


Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Time Will Tell...

...there are so many things i want to say, so many feelings that are still fighting with each other.
But i will say this; 2012 was hard on this fandom, from the standpoint that everyone was blindsided by what took place, pretty much how quite a few i imagine are feeling right now.
To the haters; the robsessed fans, the krisbians and the harpies who are enjoying your moment in the sun (a round of applause)

You have proven in your actions and your demands and indeed in your dogma of putting others down, just how stupid, how empty and lonely your lives really are. To invest so much time bombarding pro Rob and Kristen blogs or indeed, other social media platforms with your dire hatred on not only other people, but the despicable actions you have proceeded to carry on with. But i guess when you fill your lives obsessing and over investing in another person's relationship and live off watching entertainment gossip shows, who know about as much as you do when it comes to the private lives of both Rob or Kristen.

So you want my take on all of this; something smells funny, just like it did a couple of years ago. Bad photo-shopping and editing from a fan, one fan in the whole of Venice Beach in LA. ASSumptions, based on those very same people who either cried 'not fair' when Kristen was so blatantly and disgustingly took apart when photos emerged of her, or 'LOOKING' at the wrong thing, investing in seeing what they want to see and not actually using a brain?

Do i smell a set up?
Let me put it this way, for over a year the media has tried and tried and tried to have something on Robert with another woman. They have tried Katy Perry a couple of times, several nameless and sometimes faceless models, and of course let's not forget the embarrassing let down for E News! with Dylan Penn.
Each time it's been a huge wet kipper in the face, each time they have made Robert look like some kind of womanising scumbag, because let's face it if the media says so it must be true, right?

SO...how come the badly edited photos have got some people running for the hills?
I admit they don't look good until you look closer and you can see someone really doesn't have the hang of photoshop all that well. Grainy photos?
Most phones these days carry very good image correcting cameras, you don't even have to point and zoom, it's all done for you. A crowded beach at the weekend, when everyone is just wandering around and only one sighting via this person who took the photos and then fucked them up by trying to edit them. I am no photographic expect, but even an untrained eye can see they have been manipulated. The lighting was good, it was sunny so therefore the photo would not have needed touched up. Hell we got better fan pics of Coachella, when Rob and Kristen with friends were hounded by the media.

Of course the media are going to support this theory, the same way they supported Katy and Dylan and whoever else gets emailed to them, because actually going to the source ie the person of interest doesn't work when his reps don't talk to any media outlets.
Of course they are running with this byline; when you have desperate fans of his trying to put as much distance as they can between him and someone who has been linked to his very life since 2008. So the very fact that this has all come to light, where are the other sightings, a busy promenade in the middle of the day and only one person sees this?

Of course it stings if it is true.
After spending years trying to avoid the media, after spending a year saying that he has got better at keeping his private life out of the media to suddenly do this? I do love the excuses from some people, boy but they have made me chuckle in this dark time right now. 'he's been hinting at it for a while' 'he's been with her for some time, haven't you seen how happy he looks?' 'he hasn't looked so happy in a long time'

Not to mention my personal favourites; 'it's been on the cards for a while, i have felt this way in a long time now...' do me a favour, put down your 'Analysing for Dummies' and stop with the boring narrative, that you have felt this for some time. Look at your own lives and see were you are going wrong, investing in people's lives you know absolutely nothing about.
I get people are hurt and shocked and a little disheartened but oh my...it's not your life, you should never base your happiness on the happiness of another person - unless he or she are your spouse or partner. Neither Rob or Kristen are any of their fans partners and it scares me to think how so many have pushed their happiness onto the end result of another relationship.

If it's over between Rob and Kristen, then we all need to move on and stop hoping there is light at the end of the tunnel.
But i suspect just as i did a few years back that there is something more to this, my gut has never, ever proved me wrong. I said this is 2012 and will say it now.

Trust your instincts, a person's pattern of behaviour only changes by a series of events and can be noticed over a period of time. To suddenly change tactics means something has happened drastically to alter the course.

Robert for me to suddenly appear in public and to appear affectionate in public could only mean he has decided that privacy in his life is no longer warranted or needed. Therefore if he thinks his life was bad then, its about to get a whole lot worse as this has been the very thing the media have been lying in wait, hoping for so they can hound him once again.

Believe in what you feel not in what you react to. Many did the same thing in 2012, saw, reacted and attacked. You are not in their lives 24/7 you need to take a step back and stop 'needing to find answers to questions you don't know'
They have 3 dogs they both share, they have several years together...that just doesn't suddenly change overnight. I can't see some huge box filled with Rob's clothes suddenly being FedEx'd to his front door.

Stop reading into every bloody thing their friends do, seriously there are some really disturbed people out there stalking instgrams and tumblr accounts of Rob or Kristen's friends, reblogging and requoting every thing they do or say. The amount of times i saw one of Kristen's friends quotes from a song over and over last night when i logged into twitterspace.

Seriously people back the hell down and stop with the stalking NOW!!!
It never does you any good reading into something you know nothing about and then spreading it about like a virus to anyone who will listen to your hysteria, do you actually read back what you write and see how desperate you come across?
As for the haters of Rob or Kristen or just both, because hate is the only emotion going for you...
I feel sorry, truly sorry your lives are so f*cked up, you have to resort to the only happiness you can get. By stalking; sitting on blogs and waiting for the notification to pop up that you have a reply. Or refreshing the page over and over to see who has read your reply or how many times a person will delete your message...what a messed up life you truly must have?

I will make this post private and hope that by doing so i will see only the posts that will stop others from being bothered when they read this. Everyone is entitled to a little privacy, even members of this blog.


Monday, 15 September 2014

Choose Your Words Carefully...

In 2008, I was invited into this fandom by a friend, who thought that I might like to know about a trilogy of books, about an adolescent/fantasy love, between a Vampire and a human. My love of Vampire lore has always been my weakness, so finding out the person who had successfully landed the role of the Vampire was none other than a young lad, who at just 19 I had the pleasure of meeting, along with the remaining cast of Harry Potter, during the world premiere of The Goblet of Fire in London.

Over the yrs, I have seen the obsession of this persons life grow in a frenzied and sometimes dangerous rate. Fans believing they have the ultimate control on what, who, where and when this person is allowed to be with or how to promote his personal and professional life. The fact that I often wonder if someone had been able to show him or his co star and partner the future; the obsessive need to know everything about their lives, their friends lives, families or their co stars lives and believe every single story the media spins. The opinions and hatred both get moreso from those, who feel that they should not be together based in their own petty need of controlling and obsessing over either. Would they have backed away from the lucrative deal Summit Entertaiment was enticing them with, turned to each other, shook hands and walked away from it all?

I know what my answer would be.
I have seen so much obsession, so much need, so much lying and so many 'insiders' I feel like a character from a horror movie, my head is about to spin and explode.
I have seen fans turn on other fans and backstab each other, whisper false information behind each others backs and for what, the need to prove what?
That you are a better loyal fan than they are, that you believe you have the right to be judge and jury?
You see, from where I stand in all these multiple emotions, obsessions and needs, the only truth you seek, you will never be happy with. Which brings me nicely to the very murky waters of the 'insiders' those who give information to the needy fans, who can't simply use their own common sense and eyes, but need to believe from someone who may or may not be telling the truth. I have seen SO many fake ones, good intention ones, insidiously jealous and filled with hate ones, the mind has brain farts every single time a new one comes onto the scene.

Cousins, best buddies, people getting jobs for stints like music video making, when there is no need to go to 'PA or PR's'R' Us' because no celebrity or a celebrities assistant would hire members of the public for such a job. There is no PA/PR temp. work directory, especially one where you don't sign an NDA so you can blab about the time spent at the celebrities house to anyone who can and will get sucked in; over-hearing conversations on the phone or witnessing a relationship (sounds like something straight out of US Weekly) while the dogs run around your feet?
Babies and marriage certificates, multiple hook ups with mysterious blondes or would be songwriters. Stalking instagram accounts of friends 'just so' you can find out what is happening in your celebrities life. Asking the friend or co star, inappropriate questions on their social media account...when does the role/privilege of being a fan go too far?

Spreading false and misleading information about either celebrity, just to gain a bit of attention, just to become a nuisance. Just because the very existence of your life is both shallow and hollow, that the only light let in, is through projecting your hate onto someone else's life...
and this also goes for the lives of the people in this fandom.
It has been psycologically and socially proven, that once a person logs on to the internet, into their social media space, they become someone else. They enter the world of anon or protective monikers, where nothing is off limits. No celebrity escapes their scathing eye or unjust opinion and that also goes for others on the same media platform.
My opinion has always been very simple, if you are discussing a persons 'personality or behaviour' show evidence to prove this persons 'pattern of behaviour' has changed, what they are saying has changed and 'if' they are indeed lying, prove It. Show where and when they have been lying.

The amount of 'I just know or I have seen some things', doesn't cut it, when you can't prove or in most cases 'won't' because you are not certain yourself or you are the one lying. A person can only be discredited if there is information showing their behaviour has changed or kept conversations 'showing' the discrepancies in what they have been saying or mode of operation ie motive to prove they are being devious.
But all I see is whispered accusations, rumoured information that won't be backed up with proof, but you are just meant to 'believe'

I think not.

Integrity and respect is lacking in this fandom. The very fact that some people believe they can spread rumours, but won't show where they got this information from, is for me right up there with the devious social media, the lying and insidious nature of those spreading false information about the celebrities they follow, and those who just simple hate. Because somewhere along the line they lost the path of their lives and instead, fill those moments with hate...because they can.

I have often thought to myself, walk away - it's a community filled with opinions that are neither right or true, your free time online should not be spent rolling your eyes or getting annoyed by petty behaviour. Who are we to look down upon other people? If you have a problem with someone, confront or walk away. Or on social media, unfollow or block. Why spread rumours, why engage in playground, mean girls attitudes. Why discredit when you may or may not have the right information from 2nd or 3rd party people - go to the source, ask directly and allow the accused to respond to the accusations. This has always been my code of conduct, my sticking point throughout my career and online. If you can't provide 95% proof at the very least, then you have no right to spread rumours about a person, who has not been allowed the decency to defend themselves. If you cannot back the information by producing it for the accused to see...then back off spreading it.

I have seen so many complain and moan about the media's lie spreading, about how uncalled for they are in telling their lies, pushing their opinions onto the gullible public and yet witness them doing the same thing to online friends...two faced springs to mind.
At the end of the day, I don't go by what an 'insider' fake or otherwise say to me, I don't share because I am not of knowledge of whether what I am being told is true or not, but that's okay I don't mind one bit. I go with my gut, it's lead me through some of the toughest decisions in my life and following a couple, the emotional connection they share has never changed its feeling. Those wishing ill on their lives or the lives of others, I feel so sorry for. Obviously we all have troubles in our personal and private spaces, but to project them on others...is just a waste of a dysfunctional emotion, that could be handled a different way.

If your only importance in life is to spread rumours about other people with either good or ill intentions, it says more about your life and choices than it does about the person you are talking or accusing of leading a life you are obviously jealous and resentful of. If they are doing something wrong, it is not up to you to go around dirtying the water, confronting to seek the truth is far more a better judgement call, and far greater a mind cleanser.
If you live your life online, solely for the purpose of spreading lies about a celebrities life, because you have a hollow sense of satisfaction in lying and therefore, not living in the real world. Then you will suddenly wake up in your life, having wasted so much of it hating on other people, totally alone, having failed to understand the complexities of life.
That's not a rumour, or me spreading lies, accusing other people without evidence.

That's cold hard facts, a warning to us all.

T xx