"I've seen him grow a lot, and I've seen him get more comfortable with his position [as a celebrity]. But I also don't see any change in who he is."
- Kristen

"She's a brilliant actress. Breathtakingly beautiful, and furthermore, she has an unbelievable charisma. In front of the camera we harmonised perfectly, the chemistry just worked."
- Robert

Thursday, 10 April 2014

A Woman Of Substance...

Well, it's almost coming to the end of another Birthday celebration for Kristen Stewart. A woman of unique style and grace...
Such spirit and tenacity, giving and never compromising anything to be who she is.
Her passion in life, her strength and bravery, her gift of taking a role and making it her own. Putting her stamp on it.

From the tender age to a grown woman; Kristen Stewart demands...nothing, but to enjoy her craft and live her life happily, knowing she has touched her fans with every performance she undertakes.
That mischievous glint in her eye, that telling sign of hidden intelligence, clothed in misunderstood energy and wrapped in love, from everyone who knows her.
Kristen wears her emotions like a sleeve; comfortable, part of her skin, uniquely her.

She stops conversations when she enters a room, her quite, shy presence, her glowing inner beauty, her whimsical smile.
Her love for all things normal, of comfortable shoes and clothes - her armour, her disguise when she goes out. The classical vamp takes form of make-up and designer clothes, which she wears as if they were made for her, as if she was born to wear them.

She gives so much of herself; to her fans to her family to her love and to her work - and asks very little back in return. To the media that smile at her one minute and glorify in her successes,  then at the turn of a knife will attack with no conscience - Kristen has seen it all.

And through it all this young woman has continued to shine. That shine has never left, no matter how tarnished some try and make it.
Those 'big green eyes', that are as wide as the moon, captured everyone's heart, including a certain, handsome English man, who took one look at her and wanted to meet her...

That meeting set their fate and has continued to colour and change her life, her harbour, her safe place when the world can get a little crazy.
So here is to you, Ms Kristen Stewart may you have many more birthdays and have so much more to celebrate in your life.
Happy Birthday, you wonderful person, you...

Tempest (apparently unhinged and running crazy amongst the fandom - LOL)

*No fandom politics were involved in this post. I came into this fandom for two people, and its the two people that has kept me here :)*

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Every Rose Has Her Thorns...

For the purpose of this post please note; this is my blog and i will say and do what the hell i want on it. If you read this and find it insulting, good, it means i have done my job. As haters/trolls just love to wander into blogs they have no interest in...

An open letter to the haters in this fandom...

What constitutes as a hater these days?
From 2008 it was anyone who didn't agree on the relationship between Rob and Kristen; too busy obsessing about Rob being theirs. Creating blogs and Live journal accounts, just so they could drool over every single piece of information that they could get their sweaty little hands on.

Its anyone who wants to attack, bully, abuse and insinuate information, they know nothing about. Attack blogs who have the 'gall' to be still posting online. People who have an opinion and like to express it. People they feel the need to 'investigate' to prove a point 'their point' that is. In fact anyone who thinks they are being smart, creating accounts just to hack and attack, insinuate and speculate, because they clearly have no life to speak off - that they have to resort to 'proving' someone's identity is not what they say it is.

I wasn't going to respond, trust me i read all their nasty little comments and had to laugh at the desperate attempts of trying to find me. First they claimed in so many words, that i was the main reason behind the divide in this fandom - really? This made me chuckle no end.

There are people out there, who personally speaking, are filled with deep seeded jealousy, hate and resentment. So much so, that they create accounts for the purpose of causing as much annoyance as possible. They believe they are running some kind of 'protect Kristen crusade' when all they really are, are cyber trolls. I have recently been accused of being the main reason behind the 'fandom split' wow, i didn't realise i was THAT important? I thought i was just a fan, who sometimes posts, sometimes respond to attacks on friends or Rob or Kristen, but generally speaking i am a Rob and Kristen fan, anything higher than that is 'reaching' for the trolls to accuse me of.

What they really need to look at is this so called 'split' has been there since 2012 and the gap has only widened, because idiots refuse to use common sense and instead listen to other like minded people, filled with the same void of bitter resentment or the media and it's web of money-making lies. Those who are attacking me, don't know anything outside the use of Google and that's sad, really, really sad. They believe you can find 'anything' you want on Google...as long as the information is put there in the first place...that is.

Funny how the use of 'create an account' and then delete it, only to make another one, makes your personal information really suspicious and the kind of behaviour of someone, who has a lot to hide and i suppose if you have multiple accounts it also reflects multiple personalities. But hey, if it's exposing me or asking for credentials...let's play the elimination game shall we?

1. ALWAYS check your facts first. There is nothing so annoying as believing you have the information you seek and then find out you are being led by the nose into a brick wall.
(Yeah this has tickled me no end when i have seen the amount of names that the silly little trolls have thrown up, believing to be me, or not as the case may be LOL)
2. NEVER assume the location you believe a person to live in, IS the location that they actually live...in.
(There is such a thing as 'protect your personal information', especially if you are going to create such things as a GOOGLE account. Do you know how many unstable people there are out there, who would dig for personal information on you and use it in a threatening, dangerous manner...oh, wait...)
3. Australia is a bloody big country, never assume you can find out information, when the only tool you have is Google.
(If you don't live in the country, don't insult anyone in the country by assuming that a search engine is going to give you the information you seek. Remember - back to point 2; NEVER assume the location you believe the person to live in IS the location they live in.)
4. NEVER blame a person for the rift in the time, space continuum i.e the fandom that was once a fandom, but it's now filled with bitter hate and jealousy.
(I have no beef with Rose, we have differences of opinions and that is all. The argument that seems to have made some people develop amnesia was about those, who i am friends with, being made fun of on twitter and on the RPI blog. People who i defended for their opinions and was targeted for that. People who despite the whole 'they are wrong, i am right' i am still friends with. If you want to blame someone for the rift in the fandom, here's a hint - LOOK IN THE MIRROR!)
5. ALWAYS use common sense and stop thinking with the sand between your ears.
(the key note i want to cover; if you are looking for me for the purpose of proving something, be sure you understand that i can react and defend myself and report such behaviour as criminal and dangerous behaviour?)

i. I have the list of names that went out of their way yesterday to try discredit me by 'defamation of character' (a law in every state in every country, including Australia and it's States and Territories.)
ii. As a blog owner who has an account, i have also contacted blogger and explained that the names i gave are those, who were posting on a social network 'exposing' other people's personal information on a 'public blog' which is not only dangerous to those whose information they were exposing, but it's also a very important internet do not break rule when online, that you do not post anyone's personal information, because you or your family can be INVESTIGATED for it.

How would you feel if someone was to post information about your family; where you live, a series of personal phone numbers, next of kin, where they live and every sordid detail of your family or your personal life?

You might hide your name and make multiple accounts, but your IP address can be 'very' easily obtained for criminal investigation. it doesn't matter how many countries you ping it off - it can be found.

MY personal information is my personal information. Only a naive person would put their complete 'private' information online for ANYONE  with malicious intent to find. That includes location, home address or telephone number. I have a family that does not need that security risk, therefore if you think that by taking a handful of information about 'me' and try and use it to prove a point. I says more about the workings of your sad, little mind than it does about anything else.

I am not stupid enough to give up my 'real name' There are however, some people in this fandom who do know who i am. People i have trusted enough to give my 'real' information to. They know what i have told them is correct and verified and they don't need to know anything else. To take information you have found on a search engine and try and discredit a person; to poke fun, to cause a nuisance, to slander and defame...there are no words for the kind of person you are. But don't worry, the little bread crumbs you left behind has given me enough to report you for the 'anti-social behaviour' you displayed yesterday and today on Blogger.

One last thing;
I can post where the hell i want. I don't have to justify my reasons for posting anywhere. The fact that some of you suggested that you came from Robert Pattinson Intoxication, makes me actually shake my head with embarrassment. RPI used to be known as a pretty nice blog place to be. Where the members there posted in other places too, so they knew each other from various parts of the fandom. It's sad to be told, that those who have come from there recently to attack HKN's blog and others, also people who post there. The fact you are lifting conversations from that blog and posting them elsewhere. The fact that you are using another blog as a way of justifying your attacks, is incredibly distasteful and you call yourselves 'fans'?

You may hide yourself behind monikers, create and delete your multiple accounts. But like everything in life - lies eventually get caught out. Your hate of those, who believe or have a different of opinion than your own is the reason this fandom is split - not individual people - the hate, the sanctimonious, high horse behaviour and nothing else.

Thanks for taking time out of your 'busy' life to try and find me. Pity you wasted your time and ended up in several brick walls (yes finding me, knowing my privacy is as protected as i know it is) will be like finding a needle in a haystack, but i do admire you for your tenacity, not your stalking, malicious and dangerous behaviour.

peace out, my thorns are now retracted
(not my real name, but like a gathering storm - read William Shakespeare)

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Life, Love and Happiness...

I know Rob is a Van Morrison fan (a strange, eclectic, fella i met many years ago when he was just starting out in the 'notoriety of being famous; although he had been around a good bit of time before that) Another Belfast boy, who has similar music traits as 'Van the Man' Brian Kennedy is the reason for this little light hearted post, as there is enough grief and strife being hurled around in this fandom. I give you Life, Love and Happiness...
Will you walk with me...
Through this world.
I never let me down, oh listen now.
Can you hear a sound?
Look what we have found,
Another day ends, peacefully.
Now tell me, 
Is this the way, it's gonna stay?

Oh, don't let go again.
It's your life, love 
and your happiness.
When you sleep tonight...
Will you dream?
About a brighter life,
Oh it's gonna last.

And we hope for more,
But my heart is so unsure,
Another day is...
So tell me, 
is this the way it's meant to be?

Don't let go again.
'Cause it's for life,
Love and happiness...
I'm thinking of.

Don't give up again.
'Cause it's your life,
Love and happiness.

 Don't go...
I'm remembering,
the time of joy and love.

And we hope for more...
My heart is so unsure.
Will you walk with me?
And never let me down...