"I've seen him grow a lot, and I've seen him get more comfortable with his position [as a celebrity]. But I also don't see any change in who he is."
- Kristen

"She's a brilliant actress. Breathtakingly beautiful, and furthermore, she has an unbelievable charisma. In front of the camera we harmonised perfectly, the chemistry just worked."
- Robert

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Food For Thought...

I know many of you follow some distinguished blogs and fan sites so i will make this simple...

Since the dawn of ....gate, there have been those who have simply resigned themselves to believe every single thing the hate filled fans of Kristen or Rob and the media spew, because it's easier to believe a lie than believe the truth right?

Always when you see something that looks like it might be the truth, it is in fact the complete opposite. The cry of "face facts, Rob and Kristen have moved on. I am only concerned in their careers now" while pushing another agenda. The Rob sites that have ceased to portray honest to goodness information and originality, now seems hell bent or helmed by those, who never really liked Kristen anyway, but tolerated her while fan or stalkerazzi posted photos pertaining to 'some kind of relationship'

They cry privacy when all they have peddled for the last few months has been poorly tweeted sightings, even poorer images depicting a relationship (spun by the media) meanwhile anything that has any connection to the 'truth' is not spoken about. Never mind posted up as factual information.
I was mildly surprised, but not shocked that a recent interview by Australian actor Guy Pearce was somehow not put up on a particular fan site of Rob's. One that seems to helm itself as a factual site of all things 'Robert Pattinson's life...' (don't get me started about the obsessed and intoxicated sites out there, who are more obsessed with public love from their army of followers than they are about anything else.)

SO...an interview were not only Rob was talked about, but also Kristen was mentioned (he did after all recently finish shooting a movie with Kristen in Singapore you know?) and he seemed happy enough to relate that they are still 'good mates' and that what has happened recently has been 'rough trot'
Now the good and intelligent minded out there where able to put the words into a common and constructional piece of decent interview work, because simply he shot out of the water in a few seconds the months and months of media bullshit that has been peddled far and wide; Rob and Kristen don't speak, they have 'shared custody' over the dogs (three of them remember?) that Kristen hates his latest 'media spun' girlfriend, there have been angry outbursts on the telephone (remember folks May of 2013 where apparently 'the photog' overheard Rob breaking up with Kristen?) and so on and so on...

Yeah i know, some found it tough to comprehend, even to the point to misconstrue the exact words Guy said by misrepresenting what he actually said.
Everyone is a critic, never mind armchair analysts when it comes to what a person said vs what another person hears. The fact that this becomes more apparent in Rob's fans/stalkers/haters than it does with Kristen's own brand of sane and twitchy.
Now since i live in the land 'down under' and have a pretty good grasp of the Aussie lingo by now - the term 'mate' can mean so many things, but to Australians far and wide, it is a person or persons you put so much trust in. Someone you either grew up with, formed a strong bond (Aussies are very faithful and loyal when making friends) a close friend, a close bond and that bond hopefully lasts for life.

So really he is not saying anything that has always been suspected of Kristen and Rob. But wait...they're not together, how can they still be 'friends/mates?'
To those who will simply brush it off, let me remind you (those who have actually had relationships outside the 4 bedroom walls and their laptops) when a long term relationship ends, one where the two people in the centre of it all not only shared several years together, but lived, worked and spent every waking moment (not working) together formed friendships with other people together...you don't just simply flick a switch and go from boyfriend/girlfriend to just...friends. It might work in the adolescent world, where emotions are fickle and relationships blow hot and cold like the weather, but in the adult world it doesn't happen. If it does, it's because the relationship wasn't that serious to begin with - the other has too much emotional baggage to shrug it off and just 'be friends'

I don't need to go into what they are or are not sharing, are or are not wearing, because it's long and boring and frankly i don't have the time or the patience in the fandom world to devote any time to it.
But let's just say this one thing;

If you think they are over and you too have moved on. Stop with the constant need to still stick your nose in the fandom. Stick to the side you are focusing on and so be it. But have the decency to acknowledge that Kristen's name is and will always be linked with Rob, through the actors they work with and the situations where they will be in. Hiding your head in the sand doesn't work, especially when you are so desperate to peddle a different agenda.
Act like grown ups, considering you are supposedly running an adult blog or fan site. I have always had this blog as an appreciation of both and if what so many want to believe is true (although sorry i have yet to see anything legitimate other than poorly photo edited photos, poorly mismatched photo shopped pics and sloppily put together 2 sec videos, once again peddling an agenda) i still appreciate them as individuals and will still support them and write about them. They are not an obsession or an intoxication, they are just two people whom i admire very much and can see how 'privacy' has always been the utmost importance in their lives. Hence they would never go out of their way to 'sell a relationship' no matter what that relationship might be.

Just food for thought.


Sunday, 8 February 2015

Musings from the (not) Red Room...

Well almost a month has past since i last posted and i have to say i am not surprised nothing has changed in this multiple personality fandom.

People still out there causing as much drama as their small minded and even smaller lives can handle.
Panic and mayhem from those, who need to be reassured that all is well in the 'private lives' of Rob and Kristen.
Putrid and redundant hate from those, too busy sticking their noses and opinions onto other people's lives. Throw their opinion around like some kind of fandom law and continue on with their lack of personality life as if nothing means anything, because 'everyone is entitled to their opinion - get it!!

Meanwhile, the need to photoshop 'Rob or Kristen' into not so believable scenarios...
Does anyone actually have lives any more?
Are we all in high school or are there actual mature minded people in amongst this fandom, who support two wonderful individuals such as Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart??
It has become a petty game of who is better than who, who knows more than the other, who can make up the biggest load of shite that the Media runs with, in ecstatic delight.

Ah the darling media, the photogs and the brainless, all coming together to write the biggest piece of horseshit to come out of LA in a long time. Rob is with, well...what is that again...a singer....OK and Kristen is lesbianing it up with Alicia, Alannah or is it Britt or Suzie or just about any female within spitting distance of her. Because if you dress in jeans and tees and hang around together for the paps to see what, 3mins of your life...you are a lesbian.

Go throw another homophobic bone at the crazy Kristen haters, because they sure look as if they are wasting away...as they worry their fingers to the bone, typing up their 'lesbo' theories to the media to try and sell.

The Entertainment (and boy they are so bloody entertaining right now) are having a field day as they concoct their usual brand of bullshit. They have no exclusives in Rob or Kristen's lives, because the two in the centre of it all want it that way. But the fans are too busy fighting with each other, bullshitting to one and other, ratting out one and other and generally being a disgrace to their female nature by being bigger asses than the media could ever be.

Robsessed, sorry just 'sessed' i believe they are being called, are too busy gluing stories together of concert venues, seen shopping or on vacation to romantic destinations and yet no one thought of showing them a programme called 'photo-shopping 101'?
Seems a shame, they really had a good story line going until you saw the tragic mistakes in their little photo collage and split second videos. I guess some bloggers have their time cut out for them, deleting the delirious bile dripping responses to their blogs. I find it highly amusing as i sit back and watch the temper tantrums of some people, who really should be ashamed of themselves and should spent better time actually getting on with THEIR lives and less time spent worrying over  ROB AND KRISTEN'S.

Yeah, i see a lot of butt hurt around right now, thank god for the lengthy and much needed break i have been taking away from the drama, i haven't missed a thing, except the good people having to deal with this crock of shit every single day.
These two people will always be the centre of it all...mainly thanks to the fans and also to the crazies. It bites some people's butts that Kristen is still relevant, through the little things she does and the little things she shows. For someone the haters wanted gone from Rob's life and gone from acting...this girl is showing you that she ain't moving, despite the bull that is being most likely written in crayon and sparkles for the usual drudge, trying to beat bad dish or the Rob sites who devote everything to Rob...except where Kristen is concerned or legitimate sightings of him with actual non-photo-shopped photos - that is.

Rob is always going to be relevant in Kristen's life, remember dear 'sessed' from his mouth spoke the words "i don't want to sell my private life" a far cry my little delirious ones from his 'maddening behaviour' of last year? For a person who is not out to sell his private life, he did a heck of a lot of 'selling' a relationship now didn't he? What is that i hear...bad ticket and album sales...on the verge of being sued...yeah you would need good PR management to get you out of that mess. Considering your ties with some people who are not only in the music business themselves, but have connections to a top notch...Hollywood movie star....

You can say what you want and trust me i am the last person in the world you would want to call racist - so don't even go there! My dislike for the singer has nothing to do with the colour of her skin, but the colour of her attitude to those trying to help her get a foothold on the ladder of life. Young foolish minded people, might want to throw the racist card around to any who don't particularly want to kiss the singers ass, but know why you are doing that and read into the history of racism before social media deadens what brain cells you have left.

I call it as i see it and this fandom, which was once a really happy and fun place to be, is just filled to the neck with the putrid smell of wannabes, holier than thou's and haters.
Once you could distinguish the difference between the Rob fans and the Kristen fans, now it's just a continuous bleed of hate and vile contempt on both sides.

Oh and on a final note; if you truly follow a person and respect them for who they are, you would actually 'read' their interviews and not the bylines from some super market trash mag. YOU would actually listen to what they have to say; how thought provoking their feelings are and how they go about coping with the crazy that happens 'outside' their front door (that means the fans and the stalkerazzi, not their actual work, which they do enjoy)
But then again, those who obsess don't bother reading or listening, they would rather spend what waking hours they have left, dreaming of the day Rob or Kristen would finally be theirs. Bless their little delusional hearts.

BUT to go about accusing Rob of being a junkie/drunkard/manwhore, is not only disrespectful,but also stupid and shows a great deal of what is actually wrong with YOUR life.
TO go about claiming Kristen is a lesbian is actually casting a shadow over your life and exposing your not so hidden, ignorance to what constitutes as someone who is a homosexual.

You don't suddenly become one, you don't wake up one morning and say 'hey today i am going to be gay.' Kristen doesn't need to justify to anyone who she hangs around with or who she is friends with. There are people out there so out of their minds with worm riddled jealousy, so blindingly ignorant, so consumed with their need to 'prove' something...your typed words hold a power of delusion and explain so much about you when you send those words.
Rob is not a drunk, whoring womaniser, nor is he a drugged up has been. The more i see idiots creating accounts with 'Save Rob from himself' the more i face-palm and believe that person was dropped on their heads as children. IF anyone needs to do an intervention, trust me it won't be YOU!!

Fans need to draw a line in their obsession and learn to stay behind it. Rob nor Kristen need that kind of 'worried' fandom, they want people to respect their work, respect their 'right' to privacy and most of all, let them live their lives the way THEY want to and STOP living their lives for them.


Oh and my blog title is another footnote in the lessons of life. If you don't like Fifty Shades of Grey - you don't have to watch it or read about it on your social networks. No one is forcing you to like it or even like the story, so stop with the hate and stop judging something you didn't have the balls to write yourself. Defending Stephenie Meyer is mute point, considering she had no problem with eager authors taking her work and making into fiction for the website they were originally published on.
Those who have made a success out of writing about two 'fictional characters' as a basis, a ground sheet for their actual creativity should not be criticised, many worthy authors of the past have pinched from other works and moulded, changed and redirected to create a story of their own. It's not new and it is still done to this day.

I am personally not interested in the story or movie, but i will not criticise ELJ for doing it either. Had Ms Meyer's had a problem with it, again going back to what kind of 'powers' some fans think they have, I personally believe she would have landed a libellous case on the 'fifty' authors lap...don't you?

Friday, 9 January 2015

New Years Resolutions...

The New Year came in, not with a blast and a triumphant toot of a horn, but more like a fizzle and a limp 'hurrah'
This fandom did as it has always done, speculated, ASSumed and generally made fools of themselves as they tried to outdo each other in the 'where is Rob and Kristen?'

A fandom now made up of 'crystal ball' readers and 'palmists', with the odd 'psychic card reader' thrown in for good measure, have deduced the whereabouts of not only Rob, but also Kristen, through a series of real and not so real 'fan pics' taken in locations that are...sketchy if not, exactly reliable or beyond believing.

Can we all do one thing?
Can we 'stop' with all the in house fighting, the need to prove one person is better than the other, one is more a fan or 'hater' than the other. One tells lies more, one has more followers or one is more ill or has a medical condition than the other?

As a fan of Rob and Kristen, i care about them yes, i look forward to their working projects. I am piqued in what they do in their spare time, i am still a genuine believer, that what we are seeing through the lies fed to us by the media, who have used not only their careers in Twilight a teen movie franchise, but also their 'romantic' relationship and purposely sold it day in and day out to the masses eager to know everything about them, because entertainment is all about show-business and show-business never dies...or sleeps or actual investigates - is not the full or real picture.

BUT i draw the line at this persistent drama, this need to obsess and prove a point. If you don't believe they are in a relationship any more, fine go off on your merry way and be happy in that knowledge or sorrowful, that it didn't turn out the way you wanted it to. Go to the sites that have Rob and ..... together and revel in the fact that 'you' believe he is happier than he has ever been - end of story.

DON'T use the time you seem to waste continuously trying to brain wash those, who don't believe the same thing you do. Knock on the door of sites that have repeatedly banned you from commenting, because your arguments might have started out fairly polite, but then just receded into name calling and finger pointing. Never mind trying to find out the real person behind the moniker (let's hope that big brother doesn't end up pointing the finger at you!)
The cyber bullying, stalking behaviour of quite a few from both sides of this fandom is behind ridiculous, beyond shameful. In fact, it's downright embarrassing.
To demand people to listen to the words strung out of hatred or jealousy, the need to prove your obsession is happier with someone else, because the media says so - i have found tedious and boring. If you feel that way i wish you well but for gods sake, change the bloody record!!

My New Years resolution, i have been doing for some time now and that is to focus more on my real life and less time on-line worrying about lives I have no control over and guess what, neither do YOU!
You may feel it's your god given right to believe you have some 'allowed' right into Rob or Kristen's lives, but you are swimming in a river of delusion my friends and that river is being swallowed but by blind grandeur, because you feel that you are owed something for being a fan or either!
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart do not owe their fans a thing and that also includes the fan sites or blogs that bear their name (and that includes mine btw)
They don't have to justify their actions, who they are with, where they go and what they wear. The need to try and prove they are gay or in another relationship is stupid and pointless and really what does it matter to you?

People should really start focusing on their own lives and less time creating stories about two celebrities they know absolutely nothing about (other than what they read on gossip sites or in magazines, who know less than the fans do) Stop creating drama just to stir the pot - the more i see the need to dispel what a 'Robsessed says' over what an RK fan says' it is all kinds of crazy and the very reason why most of us and yes, that includes me have turned away from everything and are focusing more on just living our lives outside the fandom drama.
I didn't join this fan base in 2008, to sit back and watch it turn on itself and kill what good memories it has held for me.
I joined because of my interest and respect of two actors, actors i admire and still do to this day. I don't follow gossip sites or their fan fiction drama, i prefer facts and there are no facts being presented, only ASSumptions and speculations.

My own personal need to step away from everything has allowed me clarity and that clarity has given me the strength, that has helped me through some tough decisions. I don't know what has been going on currently, and personally speaking i don't really care. The truth always comes out in the end and whenever that ending is, it will happen. If you have doubts then you and only you can make that decision for yourself. Not a group or a magazine or a blog or website run by a person trying to sway you one direction or the other.

The choice has always been yours.