"I've seen him grow a lot, and I've seen him get more comfortable with his position [as a celebrity]. But I also don't see any change in who he is."
- Kristen

"She's a brilliant actress. Breathtakingly beautiful, and furthermore, she has an unbelievable charisma. In front of the camera we harmonised perfectly, the chemistry just worked."
- Robert

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Real Life vs Fan Fiction...

We can all come on here; the wonderfully 'world wide web' for a bit of escapism, but that's just it - escapism. Every person inside that computer you sit in front of, tablet or laptop screen, is just a nameless, faceless internet buddy. Unless of course, you take the friendship one step further and meet up.
Our opinions like our internet buddies are just like that, nameless and faceless. We all have them, but that doesn't mean we are always right.

The media can be blamed for many things; social media has brought out the worst in some people, who feel that the opinions of others, out way common sense and fact. But the media is controlled by hearsay and speculation, neither is the truth. Speculation, rumour, assumption, overhearing, theorising - are all words, that describe (if you were taught English Literature and Comprehension in school) a second or third hand/party conversation. The media use this very same writing and reading skill, that most novelists/authors - both fiction and non as a way of building up a story, a representation of what exactly happened. Colouring the synopsis, bulking it out...stretching the truth.

Which is why they are successfully, staying far enough outside the line of being 'sued' by celebrities, complaining, calling them out or asking/seeking retractions. A source, is like a nameless, faceless internet buddy. You assume they are telling the truth, when they claim they are who they say they are. A bit like believing what they are telling you as a 'source' is the truth. Usage of the descriptive; a source, an onlooker, a friend close to, a bystander - are used by the media, to cover their backs from being sued or the magazine/site/newspaper/gossip show from being sued. That way, the lie can go out there without any retraction or claim of defamation from the celebrity. When the media, place the label 'exclusive' they have to be 100% sure in what they have written is the absolute. Because if is not, then they are opening themselves up to a shitstorm full of embarassing apologies, editorial kick up the asses and a grovelling retraction...if the celebrity doesn't decide to sue, that is.

They, like the many faceless and nameless out there, get their kicks by spreading lies, carefully wrapped and packaged as rumours. They take a well known, money-making celebrity name, where they are almost guaranteed (because of his or her very vocal fans) a story, that is believable. Because of the gossip rag/site/show (E! News, ET, TMZ...HWL, Radar, LaineyGossip, Gossip Cop...) will with run it, without checking its 'source' first, to see if its real or not. When in fact, because of the faceless 'sources' who gave them this story (mainly gleaming the crap that is on the social media networks, the media watch - Twitter being the worst offender) there is no comeback, when and if a celebrity or their representatives complain.

The fandom of Rob and Kristen is the money-making source of all the media. They like others, have a demographic made up of women; the descriptive for this would be...passionate, over-protective, loyal and true. When in fact, the true definition would be; jealous, spiteful, hateful and childish.

Those who for some deranged reason, believe that they control either actors lives; Rob out with a group of 1 or 2 guys, 'he's just hanging with friends.' Kristen out with a group of 1 or 2 girls, 'she's a lesbian.' Rob seen at a party where there are females, 'he's looking single, he's hooking up, secretly dating...' Kristen seen at a party where there are females, 'she's getting drunk, she looks smashed/taking drugs and heartbroken.'
Descriptions from 'females' mostly obsessed Rob fans, who contact the gossiping outlets with their 'speculative'...lies.

Onlookers, who see a bunch of photos and make up a story, because fan fiction is believed quicker than the truth. The media has a no brainer here. Some little jealous Rob fans, don't want him with anyone, especially with HER! Inventing multiple hook ups, imaginary relationships, ensure that their little warped sense of righteousness, will be rewarded. If you throw enough shit at the wall, its bound to stick right?

Some Kristen fans believe, that their heroine needs protecting from the ass who never cared for her. So creating a lesbian relationship, means she has 'decided' female company is better than none. Therefore, projecting their homophobic beliefs on a young woman, who would be disgusted at their warped sense of loyalty. Homosexuality is not like a patch you can take off and on. You can't just exchange it for an upgrade or sometimes be one, when the mood arises. You either are or you ar not. The ignorance is this fandom is shocking, but not surprising. Generations are being brought up in ignorance by parents, who also refuse to live in the 21st century.

By all means feed the media with your lies, if you get your rocks off sitting behind your computer, agreeing with nameles, faceless buddies - the media enjoys using your stupidity to line their pockets at your expense. Enjoy the notoriety while it lasts; you are just another hormonal driven, faceless wonder, they laugh at as one more of your fictional pieces, pings an incoming email. Believing gossip sites tell the truth, is like insisting the Tooth Fairy, Jack Frost, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny are real...only until you are 11 yrs old. Of course, the let down is about as painful as seeing the truth, but refusing to believe it. A bit like for over a year now and neither Rob or Kristen are in an 'exclusive' relationship with someone else (speculation, assumption, rumoured, overheard, believed to be) - are only used by the media and idiots 'one of the same' when there is no evidence to suggest otherwise.

The real world however, is passing you by, while your entire existence is sucked into this big, black hole called imaginary friends, who like you for who you are. They don't know you personally, but for every nasty comment you make, for every insult you post. For every threatening statement you write and every fan fiction story in a gossip site/show you like/retweet/reblog and agree on, your personalty comes shinning through, and boy you create a not so lovely image of yourself.

My mood from my vacation came back disconnected, with this fandom and its ridiculous assumptions. Unfortunately the loss of lives in the 'real world' hasn't helped. No life should ever be allowed to be taken, so senselessly, so despicablely, so mindless and so painful a grief, regardless of ignorant beliefs.

My heart, my thoughts and prayers go out to the lives lost, from flight MH-17. May the light of you lives have gone out quickly and you suffered, no pain.

T xx

Sunday, 29 June 2014

The Bat, The Cat and The Penguin...

The Bat...
Yes they are amongst us, the bat-shit-crazy. Those persistent fuckwits, just don't know when to pipe down and shut the hell up. They reek of panic and mayhem, spreading their fungus wherever and whenever they go. They systematically invade everywhere that is pro-support Rob and Kristen; vomiting tales of woe and worry 'it's been ...... since Rob and Kristen were hunted down, stalked and papped i mean, seen together so therefore they are not 'Robsten' anymore.' Rob is dating anything that mildly looks at him, he has the stamina of a stallion with the women who clip clop through his front door, while Kristen sits in the corner and rocks herself into another lesbian relationship.

It's pretty easy to get rid of them, they love the attention they get. That's why you will always see them in the shiny, happy corners of the fandom, because their dark and empty souls need the light to survive. They drop their bomb sized rants and then complain, when they get attacked. If they are not attacking Rob, they are attacking Kristen, because let's face it, if they can't have 'super stud Rob' they then invent stories about Kristen.
Use the troll spray wisely people...

The Cat...
They are a 'special' kind of crazy. They range from 'Robsessed' cougars or prepubescent kittens to moulting, mental breakdown, scrawny 'Krisbian' cats. Claws and teeth and not much sense going on, between their spiky unkempt, uncombed ears.
Their 'needy' obsession of either Rob or Kristen, stops them from functioning in society, as they tend to mumble, moan and drool a lot. Creating 'sexual' fantasies of either, instead of just investing in a large sexual device and get it 'all out of their system!'

Of course, the Robsessed kitty-cats, believe that no one but they, will ever satisfy Rob - or go anywhere near putting a smile on his face as they hug their 'Edward' pillows, still living in twilight land.

The Krisbian kittens, believe that Kristen was fooled and tricked by the womanising Robert, that she is much better off without him and if that means creating 'lesbian' relationships, because a woman would make her so much happier than a man, then so be it.

All as desperate as each other, all filled with hate and loathing and pretty much everything that stinks in a septic tank. Because not much else falls out of their mouths, but shit you wouldn't even fertilise your roses with.
It's usually the only solution, bitch-slap the stupid out of them...

The Penguin...
Penguinitis is a serious condition. Doing the same thing over and over and....forgetting the rest. Or reading, watching interviews of either Rob and Kristen...and forgetting everything important they say. Instead you penguin on, blind to what was seen or read.
They waddle amongst us, creating stupid stories from half baked theories, because they forget what it was they were meant to be talking about in the first place.

They forget that Rob has said repeatedly, that he is not into 'one night stands' or 'meaningless relationships' (fuck buddies, hook ups) That Kristen believes in love and goes into it cautiously, but completely. That they have both stressed they are commitment people and when they enter into a relationship they go into it 100%
SO, why oh why do the penguins keep insisting that Rob can't keep it in his trousers long enough and that Kristen is a walking talking, fucking door mat?

These groups are everywhere. If they are not bat-shit-crazy idiots, then they are catty, unloved and unkempt scrawny bitches. Or forgetful, blundering penguins. Reading what either says and then interpreting it as something completely different. They insist that Rob is single, yet he has not ever had that word, fall out of his mouth. He has made passing, boring answers to stop the idiotic media, pressing further. Because they (media) spread the drama, spread the bullshit and sell a story off Rob and Kristen's backs and that is all they are there for. If Kristen or Rob don't answer a question the way they want them to, they editorialise and put their comment in - adding a female or male name, just to spice it up.
If Rob is dating X, Y or Z, then why are the bats, cats and penguins, crowing that he's single?
If Rob is not dating Kristen, then why is he always seemingly drawn towards her circle; friends, families, animals, clothing shared?
If Rob and Kristen are over...then why are the bats, cats and penguins still worrying over Kristen being in his life?
They obsess about her, need to know where she is, who she is with and if she is in the same area code as him..they invent a night out, a date with Katy Perry, Imogen, Amanda, Anika anyone, anything they don't care. As long as it's not KRISTEN.

The people that worry, obsess and demand attention are those, who know the truth, see the truth, but refuse to believe it.
And that is the tale of this fandom.

Which one of those, are you?

T xx

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Wherever I Lay My Hat...

Well now...
Seems there were a few dipshits running around yesterday, howling and crowing with delight; 'Rob said he was single'
First of all, let me make things very, very clear. There is a 'HUGE' difference between 'announcing' you are single and saying, oh i don't know, to the stupid question posed by the idiotic journalist. Whose instructions would have been (ask about the movie, no personal questions) to then say 'so, are you seeing anyone?' And you give the answer 'no'

There are so many face palm photos i could have put up, but i feel based on the  stupidity of yesterday, this one is very relevant to the idiots, who can't read, never mind understand common sense.
You see, according to Rob's obsessive fans - he's single, he's on the market, he and Kristen are no more'

Really, and you concluded that theory by what exactly?
Maybe you need to go to Psychology 101 and try understand 'body language', because i saw a whole lot of uncomfortable micro responses, in his reaction to the question. Not to mention, the dumb idiot followed it through with 'so are you single?' AH you see this is the only bit the dipshits took with them to any place, that supports Rob and Kristen 'Yeah, it's so exciting' (sarcasm is the lowest form of wit Rob) but in the case of ET Canada, it's the only emotional response you can give.

NOW, far be it for me to give a lesson on 'how to read a celebrity', but you know, being a fan in this fandom of both Rob and Kristen, the battle armour is always firmly on. Especially when you have muppets suggesting that you are a Robsessed and get it up the ass from Rob several times. Including gold bars, because you are on his payroll...isn't that right, little troll called Topaz Emerald? The epitome of a obsessed Kristen supporter, who is out doing her delusional mistresses work. There are haters on both sides and they all like to be heard. But let's say for instance, that they are true in their pathetic dogma...

That Rob and Kristen are no more. He is single, she is single and the fandom of haters rejoice!
I posed this question on another blog and i put it on my twitter time line, for people to ponder, so now i am putting it in here...

IF Rob is single and has been for the best part of over a year (remember little ones, he and Kristen 'ended' their 4 + yrs relationship on his birthday last May)

A year has passed and he's still single?

All i can say to this, is - Kristen Stewart must have been one hell of a girlfriend, because he can't forget her and move on. A fantastic friend and lover, that no amount of 'gossiping' hook ups. 'Hater' secret girlfriends. 'Media' believed romances with other celebrities; Katy Perry, Dylan Penn...the list goes on and on. Can compare to the length of time, the homes they shared, the dogs they rescued and the movies they made, can break the 'rut' he has found himself in.
He is so single, this 'attainable man' that he hasn't been able to find another woman who has the same likes and dislikes as he and who he can form another relationship with?

Hook ups spread about by haters, can't be used; every single one of them have been found out to be vicious, despicable lies. Including the rumours from stupid once upon a time Rob fans, now turned over to the Kristen side and spreading their pathetic hate on him.

Media rumoured celebrity romances, can't be used either; When the women in question, dismiss the rumour, surely anyone with half a brain, can deduce a romance/hook up didn't happen?

Robsessed/obsessed beliefs, that he is single and likes to spread it about, because he's a man and not a saint, can't be used either.
*rolls eyes* this one i do find a lot of humour in. Their hero likes to spread it about, that he is not saintly, really? And who exactly is the fly on the wall to witness all of this?

Those who hound him down at airports and camp outside his premieres or hotels, spreading it about that he is a drinking, womanising, douche-bag, with the morals of an alley-cat, are gratifying themselves by objectifying him. Jaw porn, chin porn, finger porn and the worst of all, crotch porn. But these are called respectable fans...where? Where are they being respectable? And these are the very same ones, crying the loudest at a small group of women, who believe 'maybe Rob and Kristen are parents?'

I have rolled my eyes so much at this fandom, that one of these days they are going to roll off and not come back. The excuses are hilarious in their content. Rob and his good buddy Guy Pearce are promoting their movie 'The Rover' the promotions and premieres are about that movie. Not his personal life, not his living accommodation, not even what he eats for breakfast. It's idiotic journalists, who have this fandom so fucked up in the head.
The 'need to know' about his personal life, why, because you think you have a chance with him? Read my sentence in bold above!
This obsessive, compulsive need to disprove another person's beliefs...look it's very simple.
Rob has 'mentioned' many, many times, that he is not going to talk about his private life. That he is not going to mention where he lives (he has no home) where he sleeps (on air mattresses) where he puts his things (they're stuffed somewhere in several storage lockers and one of my minions has got the key)

If you are clinging onto the belief he's a homeless millionaire, then really there is no hope for you whatsoever. So to announce, that he is single, or the 'no' question to who he is seeing/dating, you believe this as much as you believe he is a homeless person living it large in LA, with nothing but his dogs for company?

He has learnt a very valuable lesson over the year since the 'media produced split'
that his private life will remain private. That jetting in and out of airports privately, is the best way to travel. Obsessive fans and media can't photograph or hound him (or Kristen for that matter) when he leaves through a separate area (fans and media are not allowed near)
That not disclosing where you live, ensures that your residence cannot be located by bat-shit-idiots, who will post it all over the 'net' for other bat-shits to find you (that includes the media)
That this woman here, will remain and always has been in Rob's life, despite the 'need' of his 'obsessed' fans to prove they have both moved on.
You can't move on when you are not dating anyone else.
And trust me, the media believes it can dig out just about anything about a celebrity, and yet...they can't find one female who is attainable enough to stick to Rob, without it falling apart due to lack of...interest? Lack of evidence?

You can put about and believe all the hell you want, that Rob is a one night stand kind of guy (even though he has said repeatedly he doesn't do short term relationships, that when he is in it, he's in it for the long haul) it doesn't make it the truth. When he laughs things off, when he answers with stupid scenarios, anyone can tell he is not giving anything away. So why can't some people in this fandom grasp that?

They would rather believe he's the 'hook up king' and Kristen is of course, the 'hook up queen' because she too for over a year now, hasn't been seen with anyone new in her life. Again 'lesbian relationships' are born of either those who are attracted to Kristen in a sexual way or are extremely homophobic and need to take their childish/degrading and socially unacceptable ideas, some place where people care.

When you take all the crap away, and boy believe me, there is a lot of crap - the truth stares you glaringly in the eyes. It's just a pity so many are blinded by their own jealous insecurities; needing pap photos to prove their relationship exists. Need to be seen to be together and not 'hiding their relationship' the last time i checked, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart owed this fandom nothing. They made the movies that brought twilight to everyone. If you still want to insist they should 'prove' they are together, then I suggest you follow a PR couple, because lol (little nonnies) theirs is NOT a PR relationship.

Rob Pattinson knows where his home is, it's where he lays his hat, and clothes and items that seem to always end up on...Kristen.
For a couple to have split up, they exchange a lot of items and clothing. But then again, that excuse is; they still share the dogs so of course they are going to pick up  items, that have been left behind *yawn* the adolescence in some people...oh that's right, this excuse comes from women 'older' than the average teenager.

While people scurry around, trying to spread their excusable 'evidence' around, i am going to continue to sit in my corner and laugh at the several pathetic attempts, to prove Rob and Kristen are not together.
In the meantime...
If you think I'm a Robsessed, you're an idiotic fool.
If you think I'm a Krisbian, you're even dumber.
You can post your hate time and time again, it makes no difference to me. I am not the one filled with hate and need to post my 'disgusting comments' for attention.

I support 'both' Rob and Kristen, from the liars and the hate, that fills this fandom and sucks out all the fun of watching two young people, grow and get stronger in their careers. I support their movies and i support their need for privacy. IF you don't, then take your opinions and your hate that consumes your lives, that needs to seek out attention and set up your own blog and fill it with all your pathetic, lonely dogma.

I am filled with nothing but respect, love and admiration. You should try it, it makes the world a much happier place to live in.