"I've seen him grow a lot, and I've seen him get more comfortable with his position [as a celebrity]. But I also don't see any change in who he is."
- Kristen

"She's a brilliant actress. Breathtakingly beautiful, and furthermore, she has an unbelievable charisma. In front of the camera we harmonised perfectly, the chemistry just worked."
- Robert

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The Great Pretenders...

I know, it's been a while since i have posted twice in a few days, but this i feel needs to be said.
Once upon a time, this fandom was created because of these two young, fresh faced actors.
Once upon a time, people believed in the connection, the chemistry, the attraction and the friendship, that was born out of fascination, unity and loyalty.

It's filled with cynicism, lack of respect, moralistic sub-purposes and holier than thou attitudes, that for this old timer (been around since 2008, and blogging the same length of time) is tired of witnessing, reading and at times such as this, responding over and over, until i hear the echoes of past 'calm the heck down' posts, rolling around in my head.
People have somehow lost their way. Too consumed in beating each other verbally with a dead horse, they have forgotten the very reason they joined this fandom in the first place?

Too many have been seduced by the media's outlandish and at the very most, comical interpretations of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's relationship, that anything outside the 'box' is subjected to fandom scrutiny, verbal abuse and accusations of lying. Many i might add by those, who once upon a time believed in 'insider information' lived by it, in fact. Fandom CSI, was seen as a god send when they were able to 'dig up' clues, revealing side by side photos with red circles. Indicating with little 'hints' that Rob and Kristen, not only where together and let's face it, sharing body fluids of one description or another, but they also shared clothing, backpacks, friends, holidays, family...
You name it, the Fandom CSI shared it. Now, when a photo appears and red circles come out to play, it is laughed at. Ridiculed as 'desperation' by those who are looking at the possibility of a relationship still existing and therefore, mocked and called 'delusional'.

Once upon a time, this fandom knew of a dissatisfied fraction, who by their own choice, called themselves 'Nonstens' (non-believers of the existence of a relationship between Rob and Kristen.) They were a pretty bitter group of women, mostly die hard 'Rob fans' so the very idea he was with Kristen in a 'romantic' sense was preposterous, delusional, desperate and despicable.
They constantly tried to disprove the relationship, each time a photo appeared or a sighting happened "they are just friends, there is no romance between them, he (Rob) was seen leaving with 'blonde, tall, always a model"
(sound familiar?)
So much bitter, twisted hatred, jealousy and vitriol, over a relationship, that did and still does exist. But to those who wailed and taunted the 'believers' of said relationship, it was a PR contract, negotiations to promote the Twilight franchise, nothing more and nothing less.

You see for me, considering i was blogging and promoting this wonderful and unique connection, between two people in this emotionless industry, what i have observed now in this fandom, amounts to the same thing. 
Those who are constantly badgering others by suggesting, that to believe people who are going around with let's face it, their own version of the Fandom CSI (which by the way disappeared in 2012) are haters. A disgrace to the fandom of Rob and Kristen. Who are tricking fans, fooling fans, being made fools of...etc, etc - you get my drift?

The 'Nonstens' have disappeared and in it's place, they (those who hate the idea of a relationship) because of an incident in 2012, have 'infiltrated' for want of a better word, this fandom - causing doubt and insecurity. This fandom lost a lot of followers, who decided they could no longer follow this couple (through their own reasons) but i feel they instead or at the very least 'some' have come back under different guises. And have now joined the ranks of the haters, the naysayers, the once upon a time Nonstens, in a fight of words, strongly wrapped up in threats or accusations...and for what?

To prove a point, to proclaim 'i said so' without any proof whatsoever. Other than 'old timers' suggesting they 'know' better.
Poppycock! (love that word)

There is so much ill feeling, so much anger directed at each other. And if that's not bad enough, the call of 'open your eyes, open your minds' to what exactly, to your way of thinking?
Every one of us, is entitled to our own opinion, our own feelings and our own thought process. So i don't see why i or any other fandom member who has been around since the beginning, should be trying to persuade people to think or believe otherwise.

My only gripe in the 6 years i have been around, has been in the disrespect aimed at Rob and Kristen through the lying media (yes they do, they have lied and they will continue to lie, as long as stupid people click their links, support their sites and line (their) pockets with their stupidity)
But now it's turned into High School 'Sorority Wars' join my clique or else! 
It's nothing but cyber-bullying, it's as simple as that. You can call it what you want, but to bully or badger or ridicule someone else - a person you don't physically know or have no intention of ever knowing. But feel, because distance and internet usage allows you a certain amount of ambiguity, you feel you can say what you want and it holds no remorse.
Grown women, attacking other grown women. Naming them in posts, messages and indeed in most places, the foulest place of them all - Twitter. Getting others to mock and slander and then stand back with your hands up in the air, announcing you have 'no control' over what your 'cyber friends' do - bull!
This fandom is a breeding ground of 'liars vs liars' claiming one group are lying and tricking the fans, when they (the other group) have no proof to back up their accusation.

I have said this repeatedly, but it is obviously falling or deaf or ignorant ears, 
'bring it to the table and prove it!'
People want proof every single time there is a sighting or a rumour or a suggestion about Rob and Kristen, with 'prove it or shut up, pictures or it didn't happen'
Well if that is the case, prove these so called 'scum of the fandom' are lying. Prove they are tricking 'simple minded' fans, with their 'claims of cousins, or relations or rubbing crystal balls.'
Prove that what 'they' are saying are lies, with evidence to back it up!
Not just hearsay, rumour, suggestion or 'nod and a wink' i know, because i do and you just have to believe me.

I'm sorry but for me, i live by the code of evidence. I support everyone's right to an opinion, but if the opinion is just an opinion and has no proof - then it's just an opinion. And claiming people are lying based on your opinion is just a waste of time. You are no better than they are and therefore, have no right to judge others.

I have no argument with anyone in this fandom, i don't take sides, i have never followed any cliques and anyone who knows of me, know that i speak my mind.
But this dissension in the ranks of a fandom, that was once a very happy, social place to be. Where like minded people chatted amiably amongst themselves, but now...it's a depressing inner circle of bitterness and disrespect. I have heard many people say and i have said it myself, that this fandom is not what it used to be, but that doesn't mean it has to stay that way.
I have never felt stale. Blogging as long as i have, there has never been a time, where i felt the need to change the course of my beliefs. To stop believing in what i can see perfectly with my own eyes, or what i can feel with my own heart.

The media has never changed my mind, mainly because i have never allowed it. I suppose having family who work in the industry, has afforded me a cynical view of the media and how it has misrepresented the truth in the past, present and the future. It doesn't need to tell the truth, not when it's selling gossip and answers to no one unless, they over-step the boundaries between speculative gossip and exclusivity of the truth.
If you don't believe there is a relationship between Rob and Kristen, because there is no photographic evidence to point your eyes in the right direction, then why are you still here? Why visit places that do and attack with ridicule?
Same with believing the other information circling the inner realms of fandom scrutiny. If you don't believe it, why do you insist that it's nothing but lies? Why not just ignore it, like the constant rumours and suggestions the tabloid magazines have invented all these years? Oh that's right - you can't. You claim you ignore, but you just can't help yourselves. You claim the media tells lies to sell lies, and yet...the constant bevy of women, who seem to follow Rob around like he's some kind of Pied Piper of panty dropping, ovary exploding lothario, is the...truth?

Now that is some twisted irony, right there!

There are some Great Pretenders in this battled scared fandom. Some really convincing 'fandom experts' who use the very fact they have been around a while, to try and change people's minds.
If you believe - that is your choice.
If you don't believe - that is also your choice.
Anyone who tries to persuade you otherwise, are not doing it out of duty, out of respect or out of fandom loyalty to Rob and Kristen. 
They are doing it out of fear, fear of the unknown.

Do i know if the 'suggestions' that have split this fandom apart are lies or not?
No, i don't. But that doesn't mean i have the right to go around accusing others of lying, because i have no evidence to disprove what they are saying.
And it doesn't give others the right to do it either.
If you don't believe, ignore and pass it by.

Getting offended over it proves nothing, other than giving you a bellyache of resentment and that is simply not worth it. Hence i don't let it bother me. True i know many people in this fandom from both sides, but as i have already said in the post, i don't take sides, i don't follow cliques and i don't see why i should stop being friends with those, who do. I march to the beat of my own drum and i am old enough not to fall into silly, little fandom cliques or groups.
I joined this fandom in the summer of 2008, because of these two fresh faced actors, who had a connection, a chemistry that 'visually' could not be denied.
I met some wonderful people, some truly loyal and exceptionally giving people. I have seen quite a few of them come...and go.
But my faith, my belief, my respect and my admiration for these two, has never wavered, never faltered. Even when evidence to the contrary (led on by the media) tried to persuade me otherwise.

I am neither a Robert Pattinson or a Kristen Stewart fan, i am a fan of both. MY loyalty lies with both and that also goes with my friendships.

T x

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Twitching Eyeballs Vs Twitching Palms?

The weekend is upon us and yet once again, i am stuck in awe at the ridiculous i see on my social network feeds. Do people not have lives?

I have spent the last few days, attending services in Perth, in honour and respect for the lives, that were cruelly lost on flight MH-17, so forgive me for feeling, that there are way too many people out there, deliberately going out of their way to be offended?

I am not going to go into the whole Fifty Shades vs Twilight, nor will i get into an online shouting match with those, who believe in a pregnancy vs not believe in it.
As far as i am concerned, deliberately going to a blog link, reading it, disagreeing with it and then talking about it, only shows that your lack of common sense has reached an all time low. IF you don't believe, agree on what a person is saying, guess what? STOP reading it.

I don't agree with half of what i see on my timeline, coming from those, who i feel spend way too much time living Rob and Kristen's lives for them and not enough time in real life. But i skip past, unless they decide to attack me for whatever reason. Then it would be a case of load the cannon ball and take aim, because i will bring you down.

There are far greater and more important things in life to worry about, than the lives of two people, whom you will never be as intimately involved with as they are, to each other. So quit the 'protecting them' and the 'respecting and supporting them' as aggressively as you are and spend more time looking after your own love life and the lives of the people, who are around you.

When i come onto twitter, all i see, all i read is the most childish, most ridiculous, selfish comments, from people, who need to stop being so needy, so arrogant and so ignorant. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, belong to NO ONE and don't need fan protection, holier than thou campaign managers to 'clear their good name' and call out those who are not 'respecting them'

In a second, a life can be taken so quickly, so quietly and so devastatingly away. From those suffering in Gaza, to those who have been taken from families, still in shock and looking for answers they may never get. For any family in the world who has lost a loved one...
there is a husband and wife, a mother and father, a daughter, who now have to face the world fatherless and childless. They have lost the most precious, the most important people in their lives, their whole world. For those who have lost parents, partners, cousins and friends...

Real life means, feeling the pain and disgust, because it's close to you, it's a living, breathing thing. Celebrity life is just that, a life you can look at, admire from afar and follow. But their lives are their own and the people around them who are related or know them, are the only people, who should protect and love them...not a fandom filled with haters vs haters.

I wish some of this fandom understood this and grew the hell up!
T x (Twitching Tempest)

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Real Life vs Fan Fiction...

We can all come on here; the wonderfully 'world wide web' for a bit of escapism, but that's just it - escapism. Every person inside that computer you sit in front of, tablet or laptop screen, is just a nameless, faceless internet buddy. Unless of course, you take the friendship one step further and meet up.
Our opinions like our internet buddies are just like that, nameless and faceless. We all have them, but that doesn't mean we are always right.

The media can be blamed for many things; social media has brought out the worst in some people, who feel that the opinions of others, out way common sense and fact. But the media is controlled by hearsay and speculation, neither is the truth. Speculation, rumour, assumption, overhearing, theorising - are all words, that describe (if you were taught English Literature and Comprehension in school) a second or third hand/party conversation. The media use this very same writing and reading skill, that most novelists/authors - both fiction and non as a way of building up a story, a representation of what exactly happened. Colouring the synopsis, bulking it out...stretching the truth.

Which is why they are successfully, staying far enough outside the line of being 'sued' by celebrities, complaining, calling them out or asking/seeking retractions. A source, is like a nameless, faceless internet buddy. You assume they are telling the truth, when they claim they are who they say they are. A bit like believing what they are telling you as a 'source' is the truth. Usage of the descriptive; a source, an onlooker, a friend close to, a bystander - are used by the media, to cover their backs from being sued or the magazine/site/newspaper/gossip show from being sued. That way, the lie can go out there without any retraction or claim of defamation from the celebrity. When the media, place the label 'exclusive' they have to be 100% sure in what they have written is the absolute. Because if is not, then they are opening themselves up to a shitstorm full of embarassing apologies, editorial kick up the asses and a grovelling retraction...if the celebrity doesn't decide to sue, that is.

They, like the many faceless and nameless out there, get their kicks by spreading lies, carefully wrapped and packaged as rumours. They take a well known, money-making celebrity name, where they are almost guaranteed (because of his or her very vocal fans) a story, that is believable. Because of the gossip rag/site/show (E! News, ET, TMZ...HWL, Radar, LaineyGossip, Gossip Cop...) will with run it, without checking its 'source' first, to see if its real or not. When in fact, because of the faceless 'sources' who gave them this story (mainly gleaming the crap that is on the social media networks, the media watch - Twitter being the worst offender) there is no comeback, when and if a celebrity or their representatives complain.

The fandom of Rob and Kristen is the money-making source of all the media. They like others, have a demographic made up of women; the descriptive for this would be...passionate, over-protective, loyal and true. When in fact, the true definition would be; jealous, spiteful, hateful and childish.

Those who for some deranged reason, believe that they control either actors lives; Rob out with a group of 1 or 2 guys, 'he's just hanging with friends.' Kristen out with a group of 1 or 2 girls, 'she's a lesbian.' Rob seen at a party where there are females, 'he's looking single, he's hooking up, secretly dating...' Kristen seen at a party where there are females, 'she's getting drunk, she looks smashed/taking drugs and heartbroken.'
Descriptions from 'females' mostly obsessed Rob fans, who contact the gossiping outlets with their 'speculative'...lies.

Onlookers, who see a bunch of photos and make up a story, because fan fiction is believed quicker than the truth. The media has a no brainer here. Some little jealous Rob fans, don't want him with anyone, especially with HER! Inventing multiple hook ups, imaginary relationships, ensure that their little warped sense of righteousness, will be rewarded. If you throw enough shit at the wall, its bound to stick right?

Some Kristen fans believe, that their heroine needs protecting from the ass who never cared for her. So creating a lesbian relationship, means she has 'decided' female company is better than none. Therefore, projecting their homophobic beliefs on a young woman, who would be disgusted at their warped sense of loyalty. Homosexuality is not like a patch you can take off and on. You can't just exchange it for an upgrade or sometimes be one, when the mood arises. You either are or you ar not. The ignorance is this fandom is shocking, but not surprising. Generations are being brought up in ignorance by parents, who also refuse to live in the 21st century.

By all means feed the media with your lies, if you get your rocks off sitting behind your computer, agreeing with nameles, faceless buddies - the media enjoys using your stupidity to line their pockets at your expense. Enjoy the notoriety while it lasts; you are just another hormonal driven, faceless wonder, they laugh at as one more of your fictional pieces, pings an incoming email. Believing gossip sites tell the truth, is like insisting the Tooth Fairy, Jack Frost, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny are real...only until you are 11 yrs old. Of course, the let down is about as painful as seeing the truth, but refusing to believe it. A bit like for over a year now and neither Rob or Kristen are in an 'exclusive' relationship with someone else (speculation, assumption, rumoured, overheard, believed to be) - are only used by the media and idiots 'one of the same' when there is no evidence to suggest otherwise.

The real world however, is passing you by, while your entire existence is sucked into this big, black hole called imaginary friends, who like you for who you are. They don't know you personally, but for every nasty comment you make, for every insult you post. For every threatening statement you write and every fan fiction story in a gossip site/show you like/retweet/reblog and agree on, your personalty comes shinning through, and boy you create a not so lovely image of yourself.

My mood from my vacation came back disconnected, with this fandom and its ridiculous assumptions. Unfortunately the loss of lives in the 'real world' hasn't helped. No life should ever be allowed to be taken, so senselessly, so despicablely, so mindless and so painful a grief, regardless of ignorant beliefs.

My heart, my thoughts and prayers go out to the lives lost, from flight MH-17. May the light of you lives have gone out quickly and you suffered, no pain.

T xx