"I've seen him grow a lot, and I've seen him get more comfortable with his position [as a celebrity]. But I also don't see any change in who he is."
- Kristen

"She's a brilliant actress. Breathtakingly beautiful, and furthermore, she has an unbelievable charisma. In front of the camera we harmonised perfectly, the chemistry just worked."
- Robert

Sunday, 30 November 2014

The Ghost of Fandom's Past...

I have often wondered...
if those on the outside actually took one day in the life of their favourite celebrity and lived it, would they have a greater appreciation to not just only what goes on in their lives (remove themselves from the fan-girling obsession they live in) but the crap that comes with it (fan obsession, media obsession, paparazzi obsession?)

Too many i feel, live vicariously through their internet connection; sucked into a mindless blaze of believing those they follow, live this pre-existing life of parties and film appearances. Rolled in a lavish lifestyle of movie sets, fast cars, loose men and women and never getting up before 3 pm in the afternoon. They are so far removed from society, that they only believe in the fragments of a paps long lens, the celebrity in question only lives primarily to be photographed and that is all. They have no life, no family, no commitments to anything other than being a pap doll to do what they are told to do. That the few seconds they are caught by the slugs of Hollywood is all they are about. It doesn't matter what actually goes on in their lives - their photograph has fed the masses of eager fans, who are sucked into the maelstrom of whatever celebrity magazine of gossip show or site tell them. They are selling a story, they are selling an image, they are not selling the real person.

I have been part of very few 'obsessive' fandom's. It was only as of the last few years, that i have been sucked into a fanbase of over eager women; hell bent in creating this image of an actor, obsess over everything he does, be as judgemental as they can over the people he is associated with. And without question, become the most embarrassing when it comes to the lack of respect they have for a person who, above anyone else in this young actor's life, has been a great inspiration, a firm rock of support and a true and lasting friend.

When i was a member of the Harry Potter fandom, we were a bunch of broad minded, book orientated people. Canon and JK. Rowling where the only delights we spoke about. True, there was a sense of unity over the young actors who were immersed in the characters from a very young age. A sense of respect, because they were children and we each watched them grow up into young, impressionable advocates for the movie industry - each we felt very proud of for carrying out 7 movies throughout their very young careers and take the world of their fans on their shoulders and the heavy responsibility of that duty.
Never once was there disrespect, even now as they have firmly become adults, there is still a level of respect for them and what they have achieved.

It was during this time my family and i travelled down to London for the world première of Goblet of Fire (GOF) and met with the cast (my kids, who are now almost adults themselves still speak of to this day) including a young and very charming Robert Pattinson.
Little did i know that several years later i would be embroiled in a fandom, who some look upon this man as nothing but eye candy; objectifying him for their own salacious reasons.
Having to defend him against those, who would rather believe the money making machine called entertainment, than have a level of respect or decency to believe, that all they have seen in the last 6 yrs hasn't changed. Their perception in the whole reason they are part of this fandom, however has.

Those desperate and in need of attention, play the fandom as cynically and as cunningly as the gossip hags and entertainment blogs they so needily cling to. Pretending to be insiders when they are nothing more than attention seekers, wanting that level of attention in their own lives. Lives they have long since forgotten as they sit behind their computers for hours on end. Neglecting the real world and real life, that is quickly disappearing behind them.
No longer is it just a hobby; a carefree time of escapism on-line...no, now it has become a 'need' to be there amongst those, who you feel you have a connection with, when in fact they are strangers, doing what you are doing - needing each other to fix that fixation you are caught up in.
It is my belief that no matter what a celebrity does in their lives, the people that follow them will never be truly happy. They are akin to the old hags that sat in front of the Guillotine during the revolution of France - the executions of Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI; hurling abuse while knitting. Blood thirsty for the deaths of those, who had kept them imprisoned in their impoverished lives, while they lived lavishly in gold rooms and gilt mirrored corridors.

This recent spate of over needy hatred and attacking without provocation has become a thorn in my side, never mind others who feel the same way. The need to have a celebrity be seen dating someone else, even though it looks too painfully PR to be real, is the latest in a long line of desperation from the haters of the one person they hate, because they want to be her. 'He' can't be with her, even though messages that each of them show get through loud and clear that they are. They want him with a singer who as far as i am concerned, has not yet grown a sensible head on her shoulders regarding the industry she so desperately wants to be part of...people presume the celebrity has lost his head, developed several unsavoury habits, including lost his 'personality' along the way (according to his fans and equal haters) all of it is subject to people's opinions and not based on any facts.

They are feeding the media and the media is feeding 'their' addiction, because anything salacious sells. As long as it is headline grabbing it's news, even when half of the rubbish they write can't even be put into the same category as the word 'news'
The fandom of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart is folding in on itself and not because of the people themselves, but rather the childish behaviour of their fans.
Never have i ever been embarrassed to be part of a group as i am currently.
The lies, the hatred, the bullying, the disrespect...
The ongoing need to put one group/fraction down against the other.
The PR against the RL the Kristen against....or Robert against....

People who have had a long run of being popular, suddenly feel they can look down their noses at those, who don't follow the beat of their drum and what they say, that they have in fact, developed a conscience and opinion of their own. WE as a fandom do not exist any more, but rather instead estranged from the real reason we came together in the first place.
Robert and Kristen became friends, co-workers, bonded and live as a unity, regardless of the fandom's 'need' to change and mould them to the kind of people they should be (according to the fandom code)
Not one person in this fandom one side or the other, knows exactly what is going in 'their' lives right now and have no right to dictate or chastise those who are still with the hope, that the media is nothing but a serpent; whispering poisonous words that are fed by the hypocritical and dare i say it, obsessed to the point of delirium in this fandom.
Feed the social media and it pays back by making headlines the following week...

So as we embark in the ending of another year; filled with angst, happy tears, hope and prospect for the continuing success of Rob and Kristen's careers. Many have finally woken up to what the media does, others are still stuck forever in the dark like mushrooms, being fed daily manure to make them grow. May i offer up one piece of advice as i watch a fandom slowly become a ghost of what it once was...

Your gut is your conscience and it is never wrong. When you look at something or get told something or even read something and your immediate response is to sit back and feel a pinching sensation in your gullet, trust it, follow it and don't ignore it. When something doesn't feel right, turn to the one thing you can trust, your gut...it will never steer you wrong.

Have a Happy Christmas, kiss and keep in touch with the ones you love. They are your real world, your real life and never underestimate their importance in your life.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have families, friends and people they love and care for. They don't sit on the internet day after day to find out what people are saying, arguing or fighting over. And neither should you...


Sunday, 23 November 2014

A Change Is In The Air...

Where do i begin...
I have had some time to get over being away and back into the daily grind of things, but i see some things haven't changed around here (and other places)

The constant need for reassurance in the hope that what you are seeing is not what you are seeing. But rather a pretty bad nightmare...
I have never given much thought to just how much or how far people have invested in this relationship. Other than the mindless drivel that is exorcised out of the fingers of poisonous minds hell bent in shouting their theories as far and as wide as they can.

But it seems the pattern of behaviour as of late is similar if not glaringly obvious, the same...Rob has taken up with a new woman 'cue the Rob hate'
Lack of vision or maybe too many have the denial glasses on, that they can't see two foot in front of them just how well played they are at being played.
It's like an episode out of 'punk'd' any second now you are waiting for the host to jump out from behind the door and shout 'you have been punk'd'
Common sense has flown out the window and with that, the objective dreams of many.

Can i just say at this point, this is my general view of this fandom of late and not a complete reflection of what i have witnessed on my blog and the blogs of others.
Far be it for me to tell people what they can or cannot say, but stop for a minute and look at this from a completely removed and objective point of view...

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart owe us nothing, so why do i see the constantly repetitive cry of 'do something, show us that this is all a game?'
'How dare he do this to Kristen!'

Do what exactly?

If you believe he has moved on from Kristen, then surely he is doing nothing but what normal people do. If by this stage you believe this, then pray tell why are you still in this fandom or better still, subjecting yourself to being dragged back into the relationship argument?

I said i would be sad to see people go, i also said i would have a long think about whether to continue on with this blog. To be perfectly honest i am tired of having to hold people's hands through a relationship that was never yours to begin with.
I am a person of a very broad and open mind. I know how the gossip/entertainment media works, having witnessed it myself through my husbands family connected into it.
I also know what a 'staged' relationship looks like and it most certainly does not look like the relationship Rob and Kristen have had since 2009.

If you want to believe Rob is a drugged out, wasted boozer; whoring his personal life out in front of the media, because he is shallow and not worthy of Kristen's wrath, never mind sympathy. Then please feel free to join the other blogs out there and comment sections, who believe this and not bring it to my blog.
I have been around a very long time and have known of this young man with equal length of time and although to be perfectly fair, those from the US and further afield, have had very little knowledge of him prior to winning the coveted title of Edward Cullen in Twilight, they still believe they can speak their mind in a libelous manner (some who have already had a brush with the law governing the United States of America)

I defended Kristen through the shit-storm of 2012 and got little if no thanks for it. Other than a simple 'you cannot forget what was seen and published by the media' Oh yes i can because "the media does terrible, terrible things to the world, it makes people stupid" - Robert Pattinson. A man who has very few nice or kind words to say about the media, but then again when you have sisters, who both worked in Public Relations (one has gone on to continue with her pursue in the music industry) you can of get a jaded sense of the world and how it is perceived and sold to the highest bidder.

So you can take your 'Rob and Twigs' posters and really shove them where the sun doesn't shine. I know a PR relationship when i see one and when a person appears and then disappears like the ending of an act in a play - you kind of see for yourself how this is panning out - body language doesn't lie. You may try and hide it, mask it, even over play it, but the variations are never the same. Your face always gives you away, even the most dedicated actor or politician who plaster on a smile for their audience and perform to the very last drop of blood and sweat has been spilled, can't hide behind the mask forever, the truth ALWAYS comes out in the end..............


Sunday, 2 November 2014

Both Sides Now...

I'm never giving up, i don't see why i should...

Just because you don't see a relationship, doesn't mean it's not there...
Maybe the fans and the media became just too greedy, too needy and demanded they perform 24/7 just to appease their over obsessed ideas of what a relationship looks like...and it doesn't look like a poorly orchestrated stroll through a major European city, holding hands just so the paps can see it and then drop them as soon as they believe no one is looking - BTW.

It's not a 'need to turn the spotlight on my career, because i am getting no where by just being a pain in the arse and not conforming to what is expected of me.'

A relationship is pure, private, intimate and not a show, it's not a 'see me walking around in public places just so you can catch another media trash story'
Those who have always maintained a certain relationship was/is nothing but PR, open your stupid eyes and stop the difference. Spot where your narrow minded, blind to the real world blinkers have got it wrong time and time again.

You want to know what a PR relationship is all about, take a look around you in Hollywood. Those who have the paps on speed dial on yet another date at a fancy 'well known' restaurant/bar where they are guaranteed that they will be spotted and photographed to be on E! News in a heartbeat. Displayed on the front covers of all the rags so that their shiny little star will still be shining the next day. If they are not being talked about, photographed or rumoured to have a different relationship every week, then that star gets very dull, very quick.

You want to know what a 'REAL' relationship is all about, it's one that is not seen. It's one where the couple want to keep their relationship as far removed from the media as humanly possible. It's one where they dislike the media intrusion and the lies that are  spread about them. It's one where they don't go out of their way to be seen dining out or simply enjoying the quiet time they have together.

The fans are the downfalls of many a relationship, the constant need to know what is happening, confessing or venting their frustrations on social media, making up worst case scenarios inside their dreary minds, because they are obsessed and need to find a better hobby. They spread rumours like you and i would spread butter on toast. They actively log on and email celebrity news sites with fake info because it's the only way they can get any kind of thrill in their lives.

But worst of all are the haters. Those so deep seeded with jealousy and hatred that they can't even function without the resort of being hateful, pitiful and vengeful on either person they dislike. Not only to they hate on one or more celebrity, but they turn their poisonous behaviour on other people they disagree with. Result, the fandom that used to be a community of harmonious happy people is now nothing but a battlefield of them vs us, of liars vs the truth, non-believers vs the believers.
It's no longer about two people, who despite that the media want you to believe or what 'insiders' want you to believe or just the general 'i know more than you do' want you to believe, know more about their relationship status than anyone else and they are not saying anything about it.

Respect is something this fandom has lost and lost it stupendously.
People need to ask themselves why are they still here? Is it for the fact that they maintain the same beliefs they did several years ago and that was with clarity, to not believe everything the media tries to sell or ulterior motive people would like to whisper in your ear, then you have done pretty well for yourselves. If you swing from one opinion to another, add on other celebrities into your fan grouping, but still try and maintain that you believe when really you don't - then this fandom has grown tired for you and clinging to the idea of having a huge following makes you special, actually makes you pretty sad.
If you have never believed but stayed in touch because it's better staying with a group of people who believe, than sitting on your own...i hear the Kardashian's are looking for more fans.

My following has always been...right where it all started, why?
I don't follow the media, i know first hand what a bunch of ill-reputed liars they are.
I don't follow any cliques or groups, i allow anyone in and will listen to what they have to say, as long as they are respectful.
I see 'both sides' and while i will not always agree, i allow the freedom of choice in what has  to be said, as long as you own your words and don't expect me to soothe your brow or stop you from worrying - own your fan following.

I am going to be away, i don't know for how long as my personal life needs attending to and i won't be online for a while. I have a good friend who is going to keep an eye on my blog while i am away and post up anything i send to her - say hello to Bree :)

But take from this post my stark feelings. If you still believe in Rob and Kristen and the fact that they don't have to 'sell' their relationship to get attention - the media and the fans became too obsessed with their personal lives and that fogged up the line drawn about their careers. They are both serious actors and their performances should always outweigh their personal lives. Then i look forward to seeing you all when i get back.

If you don't...then it was nice knowing you for a while, sorry you feel the way you do, but i completely understand you have moved on.


(Scheduled post for tempest) Bx