"I've seen him grow a lot, and I've seen him get more comfortable with his position [as a celebrity]. But I also don't see any change in who he is."
- Kristen

"She's a brilliant actress. Breathtakingly beautiful, and furthermore, she has an unbelievable charisma. In front of the camera we harmonised perfectly, the chemistry just worked."
- Robert

Monday, 20 May 2013

Love Will Find A Way...

I am not going to eat into the whole 'tabloid speculation' i will let others do that kind of divulging, in a really stupid and unreasonable manner. And i know others have most likely posted up their thoughts about all of this, rather eloquently. So here are mine...for what it's worth =)

DO NOT feed the trash-toids and their pitiful excuses; of drumming up drama and kicking a person when they are down. They are unemotional and they put across their ravings, in a very 'dead as a doornail' hypothesis. They don't waste time on the feelings of others; they are there mainly to score hits for their sites/magazines and they will print whatever rubbish they want, because hey! All's fair in love and war and all that un-touchy and un-feely crap.

So many learnt from the painful experience of last July, that the trash that goes around heavily disguised as sympathetic media sites or offering their point of view news blogs - do nothing but spin their dull and dreary lies, about a couple's 'status' purely for their own selfish gain. Others have just gone around with a different set of coloured blinkers and have fallen into the same stupid pit as they did last time.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart DO NOT live their lives through the lens of a camera. They do not sit days on end in their disgustingly smelly car; eating take out meal after take out meal with Styrofoam coffee/tea. While training their fat, grubby digits around the trigger switch of a camera and it's lens, to weave a stupid story around a handful of photos. They don't have dull and boring lives, where they have to make money off the backs of other people's relationships or misery and constantly sell those photos to the highest bidder. Thus making yourself reviled and hated by the very people, you try and destroy with your disgusting outlook in life.

Many of these bottom of the food chain roaches, don't have any life to speak of. Marriages most likely destroyed in their quest to hunt and scavenge what information they can get; sitting around and stalking people sometimes outside their front doors. Or wading through their trash for an even more salacious spin to add to their story - which at the best and worst of times is nothing but lies.

These people feed the media sites they sell their images to. These media sites couldn't care less if it's true or not. The importance is the names attached to those photos and right now - Rob and Kristen are smoking hot, when it comes to any kind of gossip - we also learnt that from last July.

This time however, it seems so many are running around with a painfully thin story, backed up with some photos of Kristen and a few of her friends and no Rob to speak off. We have a phone call, a sad looking or worried - depending how you want to spin it, actress and all of a sudden a relationship has ended, on a break, grew apart, fighting all the time scenario - which every media with an IQ of 4 has picked up and ran and ran and ran...

Let me make something very clear to each and every one of you...
You don't just break up with someone in a few days, after spending almost 5 yrs together and had been seemingly happy days before that, heading home from New York. Where you both met up while one was there for business meetings and the other attending a pretty high brow, prestigious fashion gala in the city.
You don't just give up on a relationship when the going gets tough, not after spending so many years with that person; living with that person and all their faults and annoyances - all their quirks and funny moments. Just because friends are spending way too much time hanging around with you, or encroaching on time you would rather have with your significant other. You kick your friends politely and gently to the curb (not the other way around) and sort out your problems - your way. Behind closed doors and not advertise it to anyone else. And that includes sleazy roaches, who have been following you and your significant other for weeks to 'get' something on you.

We don't know anything of the nature or status of Rob and Kristen's relationship and that is how it should be. Oh i know, there is a pretty passionate bunch of people out there, who feel loyal to the idea that this young couple owe them something in the grand scheme of things. Those who have given up precious time of theirs to follow, support and sometimes stalk either and their friends - nosy has entered a whole new level of scary - it's called stalking in any language. But there are others who are mildly concerned, that Rob and Kristen are once again thrown under the bus of spotlight, while the media picks their 'status' apart, purely for their own sick, shits and giggles.
My resolve and support has not wavered from these two; not since July last year and certainly not since this whole 'thinner than Donald Trumps hairpiece' tabloid story, detonated in the fandom. You will see what you want to see and think what you want to think. But for me, i will remain as positive and as supportive, that these two kids can and will work things out - THEIR WAY.

No relationship is perfect - we are not talking fictional Edward and Bella here. We are talking two people, who have to endure a shit-storm of stress from the media and from the fans - good and bad. From friends being stalked and hounded by said fans, good and bad. From living under the impression, that as soon as they step out their front door - a camera is always trained on them. That kind of crap, no normal person has to deal with 24 hours in any given day and yet, have the same kind of problems just like anyone else in a relationship. So why do people think Rob and Kristen can just shake it all off and be happy, every single minute of every fucking day?

Take a step back, take a deep breath and try and stop all this hysteria, because that's what the media wants. Stop buying into their elaborate stories, stop feeding them with your fear. Stop analysing a relationship, that is not yours to analyse. Stop constantly whining about the half-cocked and full of holes stories, from the trash magazines you condemn, but then admit you subscribe to their site/magazine and read it regardless. Be what a fan is meant to be and support, but support from a safe and comfortable distance. Whatever has or has not happened, whatever has or has not been announced, confirmed or denied - this is Rob and Kristen's relationship - NOT YOURS.

Do that and remain positive. Two people, who are in love as these two most definitely are, always find their way out of the darkness. Spinning stories to suit your agenda does nothing, but show just how empty and unfulfilled your life really is.
As Kiara and Kovu sing in the Lion King 2, when faced with an uphill struggle and a love, that could not be denied - Love Will Find A Way.

tempest x


Oneheart said...

Tempest OMG thank you for always being the voice of reason. Love always finds a way and I know these two will always find a way. You don't walk away from a love like they have you fight for it. I support them and I trust they know how to handle their relationship more than anyone after all it's theirs and they own it. All we as fans can do is stand back and let them live the life they have been given.

Bing said...

Lol on Donald analogy:-)) Spot on as always tempest .

Flowergirl said...

Tempest...wise and very needed words from you today. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

iam sadabout all this beacause nobody in this fandom learned from last year...we are weak...the trust ones that have to do the explaining and pacifying this group..is exhausting...one for forgets robs statement so easily about the media and tabs..i can tell he is fed up..when are people going to grow up?...never!! I hopefor the bestfor RK...maybe take time in London and remember all the good things and strivefor some peace of mind together,,, tnank you temest..peace to all good fans

barbara said...

Tempest. Thankyou. As I have often said, you are head and shoulders above any other blog. A sane and sensible voice in a half baked fandom,that feed on any little slimy lie that is written about Rob and Kristen,then swallow it up,and within seconds it grows a million smelly legs.
Last July was a nightmare, but we the true fans and admirers did not falter,we supported them then as we support them now.I am glad there are no sightings of them let them have some peace,they do not have to report to any of us on the state of their relationship.
Tempest,I applaud you,this is simply your best post,but then again,every post is your best,you are amazing.thankyou.xxx love to all who respect,admire and love Rob and Kristen.xxx

Velma Jean said...

Thank you Tempest. I appreciate your good sense and reason.

Topaz Emerald said...

I don't even have to read your post to know that what you say is common sense and logical. You've been writing the same common sense shit over and over again, but people don't hear, it goes in one ear and out the other. People are really really stupid. This is an example of the power of the media and how they can influence people's minds. There is no hope for the masses, especially those who stir up unnecessary drama on twitter, the sickest and newest form of social media, stupid gullible people and vile asshos should not be allowed to use it. Tabs and rags are really making people stupid, so so fucking stupid, fucking idiots.

Candy said...

Great post Tempest hopefully people learn this and leave Rob n Kristen alone.

Anonymous said...


Rae said...

Right now I am hanging on to Shannon's comment of a few days ago. And I quote..... " It's easier to change the phases of the moon than a Do I Dazzle You Mind."....Unquote.
That's good enough for me.

Anonymous said...

Well stated. Thank you!

TraceKadey said...

Thank you, Tempest.

Anonymous said...

"You don't just break up with someone in a few days, after spending almost 5 yrs together and had been seemingly happy days before that..." You just don't cheat to a person "period", they seemingly happy days before that too, lol!! you are pathetic!

Anonymous said...

iam not much for expressing heartfelt in words but a fandom twitter expressed it very well..." either they will stay together or they wont".."they either love each other or they don't...its up to them".....

Tempest said...

Actually the pathetic one is you, for coming in here and having to post up your cynicism, but hey - thanks for the laughs your post like many idiots, prove just how having to gain a little bit of attention helps you deal with your dreary day ahead!

Anonymous said...

Good comment.

HANNAH said...

13:11 You are not welcome here. Go titter and gibber about in some other corner of cyberspace. Someone here might forget that asses as big as yours
do not detach, and the next thing you know someone will have handed yours to you. We had it happen just a few days ago. We don't take well to sarcasm
or condecension here. I've noticed though that you Sad Sisters throw that word "pathetic" around a lot. The Sisterhood of I Love Rob's Work is not well recieved here either. So move along sister. Your input is neither wanted nor appreciatted here. After all you wouldn't want to wear out your welcome. Now would you?

ryk said...


Nick said...

Not that 13:11 or any other Sad Sister ever HAD a welcome to begin with. BUT

Aren't THIRTEEN and ELEVEN names of chapters in bankruptcy law?
Hmmn How appropriate...
Wouldn't envying Kristen and coveting Rob qualify these Sad Sisters, and all of these I Love Rob's Work Sisterhood for 'moral' bankruptcy?

Hmm.... And they've been doing this for...what..three or four years right?
Ooh, they've been so bad.
Sad Sisters. Yeah, I definitely gave them the right name. And they so earned it. Jealous of Kristen's every day, hour, and breath. Worshipping Rob from afar.

But so self righteous they'd only admit to loving his work. I wonder how often he grinned until his teeth ached every time he was told, "Oh, I love your work." Ha! He had their number all along. 555-EZEE Hah!

Kristen's not much above five feet tall and she still towered over them all.
Always. Good Enough.

Christopher Dark said...

Erase those last two words and your comment is perfect. Kristen has never been just good enough. She has been superlative as: a friend, as a co-star and judging by their long relationship as the companion of his choice. Cheers

Anonymous said...

I agree with CD

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

Two words. Thank you.

bwen said...

I'm staying positive!
Believe me I have been there and done that in a relationship with challenges and I honestly can't see them giving up after what they came through last summer. To me they are a stronger couple now then they ever were before.
None of these pictures that I have seen indicate to me that there are problems. And for those that do see things ...well all I can say is you have no context, no time line and nothing verbal from the parties involved, so have some faith.
I never gave up on them last summer and I'm not about to now.
So the nonnies can do there little happy dance and the tabs can rain on my parade but I I'm not buying what they're selling.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tempest: I want your attention, I want to be famous! that's why I keep myself 'anonymous' IDIOT!! and double idiot for having as an idol somebody like Kristen and making such 'intelligent' comment like you posted, but it's ok shippers would come and tell you how good you are and TEMPEST IS FAMOUS BETWEEN THE SHIPPERS!! God you are pathetic!! P.S: now you can answer me back whatever you like I won't read it anyway. Good luck!

Tempest said...

*chuckles* i think it's past your meds time deary, or possibly kicking out time at your school/college where you are learning very little about manners never mind social skills. Run along now hunny, before your parents find out you're abusing your internet privileges.

GOTCHA made you look, you just couldn't help yourself, being weak minded and all that!

Flowergirl said...

Babs...great comment, my friend. Rob and Kristen have fiercely guarded their relationship and their privacy through the years. They have both made that fact perfectly clear in numerous interviews, but the tabs/webs,and entertainment shows just don't like it. I'm sure they would rather R/K turn their personal life into a reality show. I bet the E! news network or the MTV channel would pick up a show like that in one hot minute. Since that is never going to happen, it is so much easier for any media outlet to pull something out of their hat and just run with it. It seems to be the domino effect. One site/mag/show will fabricate some lame story, another will pick it up and once again it's off to the races...all the while providing another platform for hate. And to think that people actually buy into this. It boggles the mind, doesn't it? Well, that's my rant for today. It seems as though Tempest has dusted off the bitch slapper, and is going a few rounds with a drive by Anon. Gee, I wonder who will come out on top in that sparring match? LOL. Anyway, thanks for thinking of me, and take care.xxx

Shannon said...

Nick I love your comment. I've always seen these covetous women who are so willing to believe the worst of Kristen while claiming they are above reproach as just plain jealous and wrong-headed. But I like your wording better.

NICK said...

See everybody! Didn't I tell you they love that word pathetic. I can believe
she wants our attention and to be famous. But the only way she can make her mark is by being bitchy to Kristen or Tempest. That's all she has to offer. A few hateful words to someone she resents.
She's hanging around. She's watching. She'll read this. I hope it makes her burn knowing a nineteen year old is a better word warrior than her. CD says the Sad Sisters live for the fight. She needs practice before coming back here and to get a clue.
The anonymous are never famous unless they are great enough to be hired, faceless Ninja warriors who attack enmass. I put us ahead of them any time. To those who shall not be named. ENGARDE....NICK

Jean said...

I agree Yahoo's photos of her in the car were too young looking to be current.
Without those fake (in my opinion) photos and the tab's anonymous sources, everyone would be saying, "We haven't seen Rob and Kristen in a while. I wonder where they are. I wonder why Rob didn't make it a pap friendly event and celebrate on the day he was suppose to?" As if.

Velma Jean said...

At this point in time I can't see what all of the bruhaha is about. Right now Rob and Kristen are out of the news. Time for the tabloids to make hay off the Twilight people; both those for them as a couple and those against.

Do you know when it will be news? When one or both of them are seen holding
hands and being a couple with someone new, and not, I repeat NOT until then.

When that happens it will be all over but the shouting. Only then there will be no point to the shouting. So, until then can we all have a little faith in Rob and Kristen. It's the least that they are owed by us.

barbara said...

Sweet Flowergirl.well said. love you sweet friend, not long to go before the big day. xxxx

Velma Jean. grat post,xxxxx

Anonymous said...

yes...that is the key action...I agree....yet give them a break ...they only live a few miles apart...if not marriage partners...then bff...both need this time to reflect what their proritys are toward each other...

Florence said...

I love them, together or apart. Thank you, Temptest!

Anonymous said...

Rob and Kristen relationship hasn't broken up right now, it already broke up last july.

barbara said...

ooooops I mean great post Velma Jean.xx

NICK said...

CD_Your critictism is well received and happily noted for future reference.

Shannon said...

Hey! Anonymous 05:31___Between star gazers and crystal ball gazers, the stars are more reliable. As for you, take that first star to the right and straight on 'til morning. That should put you safely in Never, Never Land. Those first two words seem to be your group's motto and favorite mantra. It also seems to be your favorite chant. It's right up there with your "No Kristen" " Only Rob" zombie shuffle. S

Simona Tarantino said...

You're a sage woman Tempest :)!
Thank you, thank you so much!!

I think exactly like you... on everything!
I love Rob and Kris... really love them... beyond the Twilight Saga... I love them together and I love them individually... they're everything to me!
All that matters is to see them happy for me!
And if they are happy together... therefore so am I!
I never believed and never ever to believe gossip and journalists... during these years they've shot so many lies and shit on R and K that we would do an epic poem!

Paps and gossip speculate on their private life, that should remain so, only for money and sell magazines...

Well... gossip sucks!!

Rob and Kris aren't perfect... they are humans like us... it's normal they make some mistake!!
They aren't super heroes!!
They aren't SuperMan and WonderWoman!!

They are only a girl and a boy in love... what's wrong with that?

We must have faith in Robert and Kristen!
They're smart guys and full of talent!
They know what is best for themselves!

Bye :)!


barbara said...

Oh Lord,Tempest,Just read that there are some pics on the net of Kristen out with her friend Suzie driving in L A,and Kristen is smiling,but is minus her rings,wtf. oh dear lord the troll tribe and the trembling tessie's will be in a twist. love to all who post,respect admire and love Rob and Kristen.xxxx It has made me laugh,all this tripe how do these fools get through the day and run their home,look after their family have a job outside of their home maybe???? it is all hilarious.xxxx

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Truthfully something is not right about all of this. I think a whole lot of people just got plunked. Lol. Think about it. You think Rob would move his stuff out in public display when he could have people doing it discreetly? Robs not that kind of guy. You think Kristen would be all happy? She sure as hell wasn't in July. A lot of things just don't add up. Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Dark clouds reside here now.

Ghost love's a broken fantasy.

I don't need to hear how.

I'm going back to hours I once filled

Before Twilight's last glow

Call me when futures reel

Beyond this Yellow Brick Road.

Anonymous said...

Re the ring. She wears the gold band on her right hand not her left.

barbara said...

The pics of Kristen smiling broadly driving with her friend Suzie.Do people really think that she would be this happy if her four year relationship with someone she loves deeply had abruptly ended? that she would be this happy? I do not think so.Then the pics of Rob in his truck, loaded up with who knows what,and the two beloved kids in the truck with him,this has all been blown out of proportion by the trashmaghags. Thank god we have a site that is sensible and our sane voice of reason Tempest at the helm.love you miss Txxxx

RKP said...

Tempest, I love your posts. Also want to give a shout out to Christopher Dark, Nick and Barbara. Great comments from you guys on the last couple of posts. I need to see more fans who have some faith in R & K. All this insecurity and doubt from fans is more worrying to me than anything in the media.
Funny how even fans who claim all this time to see the amazing love Rob and Kristen have, are second guessing themselves and taking a bet each way on what could happen. "If they have...I will still....they will work it out....everyone has problems. No-one wants to be seen as a blind fool for thinking they are all loved up and still as strong as ever.
I will state right here that I believe life is going on just like normal for them. Yes, everyone in a relationship has their ups and downs, but take all the tabloid bullshit out of the equation and there is nothing left to worry about. The pic of Kristen in the car looking sad makes me think she was pissed off at the pap taking pics, as usual. Who knows if these idiots get in front of their car or shout abuse at them to get them to look over. And why shouldn't she take her friend to hospital, even on Rob's birthday. Any good friend would. Who knows what birthday celebrations were planned and when. It's not our business to decide what's wrong or right for them to do.
Now we see pics of Kristen happy and I'm not surprised at all. Rob driving around with his truck moving some stuff - why the hell not. Sure he can move stuff from one home to another. Or they could just be getting rid of some junk, like normal people do. Rob likes to do things for himself. If LF2 is being sold, it's no big deal. Maybe they have found somewhere else even more private to live, away from their daily stalker Ronaldo.
No way am I ever gonna take the word of the tabloids over my own common sense and what I can see for myself right in front of my eyes. I've seen no evidence to do otherwise.

Shannon said...

Your answer would seem to me to be, "No. She would not."
Also if they're done what's he doing with her dog? When I'm done with a person you don't even get the time of day out of me much less the company of a pet that I consider mine.

This is dumb. I don't know where this will end. Maybe Rob and Kristen don't either. But until there is something concrete could we hold off on the gloom and the sad poems? OK?

Velma Jean said...

@RKP__Thank you for your sound sense and advice.

Anonymous said...

dear rpk thank you for your statement..i feel like you do but with rk fandom...we are all romantics and I think do we do a reality check on ourselves///it is hard...and maybe this is it...I hope to deepest well of a heartbeat they take this time to reflect away from each other..if it is true...I feel sad for rob..because he has no one but his pups in l.A. REMEMBER his story of crying with his dog when he broke up with nina?///I hope both get back to work soon...thank you for listening

Anonymous said...

Hi. First time here. Name is Lee C. Posted as Anonymous because I didn't know how to post the other ways. First of all, wanted to say to Tempest that I have enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks! Now, on to the subject matter. I am confused and don't know what to believe. The tabs say "Kristen is heartbroken" but then you see her riding around smiling. Doesn't look heartbroken to me. Rob just looked pissed off in the truck. I know he detests the paps. I saw that LF2 is for sale also on the web. It seems to be still listed, so I don't know. There was a twitter over the weekend, someone named Monique, that said she saw R/K riding in vehicle outside of LA. Don't know if that is true or not, of course. Lots of fake twitters. As far as the dogs go....well either they are sharing custody of them because the dogs wouldn't understand what is going on and they wouldn't want to separate them or maybe they are still together (R/K). Rob could have been moving some stuff to LF1 for himself to live there w/o Kristen or they could be moving to his place and leaving LF2. I just don't know, as I guess none of us do. I really hope that they are still together because I do feel like they really loved each other. I don't think you can fake it like that for as long as they have been together. Never did buy the PR theory. I know love when I see it.

Now I have a question I sure would appreciate some input on. I was looking at comments on GC earlier and there was a person called "Guest" that was saying they had knowledge of what was going on and acted like they knew Rob. Said that he took her back last summer cause he wanted it to work, but that now he was done with it and once he makes up his mind, he doesn't change it. Then there was someone not long ago on RD called "Forever" and basically said he knew of things too. Said after Rob's birthday there would be big news and the world would know. Stuff like that. So, what are your opinions on this please. Would like your input. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

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RKP said...

Sigh.... Our check on reality is this - we take a step back and pay attention to our own lives. Don't spend time worrying needlessly. I really don't believe there is anything troublesome going on at all. Just R & K going about their lives normally and after everything Rob & Kristen have been through they are not carelessly going to throw their relationship away. I'm happy for them. Not gonna feel sad until there's something to be sad about!

RKP said...

Welcome Lee C. If you read back through Tempest's posts, she has some wise advice - Don't Believe the tabloids!

A few people on twitter and blog sites have been claiming to have insider information. All a hoax. People are desperate to know what really goes on in their lives, stalking their friends instagrams and twitters. Even the address of LF2, is being tweeted around like crazy which astounds me.
Rob & Kristen are the real deal, genuinely in love and have their feet firmly on the ground. Being surrounded by good friends and family makes them stronger. None of which are talking or saying anything to anyone about R & K.
You should also be wary of all the haters around who are trying to spread lies around. Everyone is so desperate for information and people can be very gullible.
I don't buy into any of the crap going on. Look at that pic of Kristen again. One happy contented girl.

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Bing said...

Endless speculation :-)) time to sit back and chill , play candy crush saga instead lol .

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

thank you rkp for responding I luv this blog...

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BloatedToad3 said...

Hey bwen! I'm with you!!! :))

Velma Jean said...

Shannon I disagree. If BARBARA wants to give us some of her favorite song lyrics right now, I say that's fine. Or even an original poem!! Also I think some days it's best to say nothing than to say the wrong thing and potentially hurt someone's feelings. Nick dubbed BARBARA our cheerleader just days before we really needed one. I miss the camraderie we all had. And I miss THEM. This will be my last comment until I have something worthwhile to say. But I will be keeping watch on Do I Dazzle You?
The best Rob and Kristen fan club ever for my money.

sandy said...

Barbara thank you for showing me the name/url.. I swear I thought I had tried that before but for some reason it worked this time!! lol The pics I saw of Kristen in the car smiling and her with her friends going out to eat with a big smile was nice. This seems like its gonna be a long summer with the gossip and BS. All of which I intend to avoid like the plague.. God bless these two.
Temptest keep up the good fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

barbara said...

@Shannon.Oh Dear,your knocking our sunny corner,our safe haven.Please check out the top of this blog on the right,and read what Tempest wrote.This is our mantra,we have fun on this site,if someone finds a poem or a song that is relevant to what is happening in the crazy mad world of Rob and Kristen and the twistered vile haters who spew garbage about them.I do not see the problem with printing an uplifting song .I said our sunny is changing and it is,we are getting more and more thinly disguised "fans" slithering onto this site and spewing their nastiness.

Knock me all you want Shannon,I am an Aussie,we are tough, a line from a famous Aussie song says it all." I get knocked down but I get up again your never gonna keep me down I get knocked down but I get up again your never gonna keep me down"
Maybe you need to pop over to a site that knocks Rob and Kristen,and find anything positive a load of blubber,you do not seem to be happy posting here.

@ Velma,thankyou Kentucky girl for your support.xxx
love TO ALL who post,who LOVE ,RESPECT and Admire Riob and Kristen.xxxxx

barbara said...

@ Sandy.yippeeeeeeeeeeee I knew you would do it.I have missed you and your positive posts,I am being knocked for being positive,but I couldn't give a flying turd,some people just see gloom and doom, lovely to hear from you my friend,..xxx

NICK said...

Look we got five advertisers on our site who must have faith that this site is healthy enough to sell their stuff. We got a birthday that could have been celebrated anywhere, any day. We got Kristen looking solemn but in what year? We got shots of her happy out to dinner with friends. We got mention of a house for sale. They have two. We got Rob hauling siutcases, garbage bags, what looks like two bikes and two dogs. Guys haul stuff all the time, donate stuff all the time and throw away stuff all the time. Any other guy and it could be a trip to Goodwill,the Red Cross or a friend. We got no confirmation from either Rob or Kristen or their representatives. In fact we have no more and no less than we have had at any other time in their life. A great character actor named Strother Martin in a Paul Newman movie called Cool Hand Luke said, "What we got here is a failure to communicate." But in our case we got too much communication about...nothing. Nothing. Rob and Kristen don't tell us anything becase it's not our business. Simple. The paps
tell us too much that aint so. And we are L.I.S.T.E.N.I.N.G. Just like crazy people. We know they lie. We know they aren't to be trusted. So as far as
I'm concerned it's just another day in the life. Their life not ours. And therefore none of our business. So cheerleader if you feel the team spirit how about a cheer. The one from last week will do.
Regards to Atticus. I hope that you are doing better..NICK

Shannon said...

Drat. Now I've insulted our cheerleader. Which I swear was not my intent barbara. I like your song lyrics if you remember. I have a freneny from work. Her favorite song is Yellow Brick Road. She thinks all Twilight fan clubs are a hoot and to be made fun of whenever possible. I didn't really think that she had that much talent, plus I should have known it wouldn't have been as nice. But when I saw it suddenly the whole world was about me. And I quickly typed my not so nice message. Besides even I am not so ill
mannered as to answer your post about the happy smile on Kristen and blind side you with an insult at the same time. Peace cheerleader. Aquit me of that bit of nasty intent. And give us some sweet words anytime you feel like doing it....S.

Shannon said...


barbara said...

@ Nick,as I said to Shannon I am an Aussie,I didn't print the complete song because it is rather rude and I did not wish to offend,it is actually a drinking song,but I thought the first two lines said it all.

It takes a lot to floor me,but I always find strength to carry on and humour is something I use all the time to relax a sticky situation.

I am a big Monty Python fan,so at the risk of pissing off Shannon well....

"Some things in life are bad
They can really make you mad
Other things just make you swear and curse
When your chewing life's gristle
Don't grumble,give a whistle
And this'll help things
turn out for the best
Always look on the bright side of life
always look on the light side of life

When your feeling in the dumps
Don't be silly chumps
just purse your lips and whistle,
that's the the thing
always look on the bright side of life
always look on the light side of life.
If it seems jolly rotten
there's something you've forgotten
and that's to laugh and smile and dance
and sing
Always look on the bright side of life COME ON
always look on the light side of life.etc,
ok I have put my pom poms back in the closet. love to all.xxx

Anonymous said...

i know rob and kristen love each other deeply and she would not be happy if her relationship has ended. nobody could put on a face......and rkp your words is a reality check.
one thing that bugs me and it shouldn't even faze me....but why would she be at dinner with friends.....where was rob.....when all this shit is going on around these two.....maybe you are right....they are going on with normal life.....
to me the most logic to everything is she sold her home and they are moving back to hes.....to be honest...the back of his truck looked like alot of shit....only thing that looked good was the bikes....that didn't look like moving to me.....back to reality.....i'm sure he has some really nice things at kristens home......okay if you were moving out don't you think one would take the nice stuff......this is how stupid all these rag stories are.....and if he was breaking up with her he would have a moving van to bring his nice stuff back....not junk in the back of his truck.....and the dogs.....he would not do that to her... take them.....those are her babies.....but the paps got pictures of him moving out......now if i wasn't a fan and looked at those pictures for the first time......i would say wtf thats not moving.......my point is rob and kristen share everything and have bought many things together.....moving would be alot different looking than the pictures that that ragmags put there spin on......this is what they want to sell....looks like...... fools.....to me
i truly believe they are together....and if not and they start being with someone else so be it...as a fan i would be happy for them.....my thoughts remain that they are fine
peace and this is the longest i've written
potz from fla.

NICK said...

Well done. Monty's great. Did I ever tell you I hate a blank page or a big empty space or too quiet rooms. If life seems blank fill it up. Of course I get into trouble that way.
Shannon apologized nicely. I know what it's like to be rode over
hobbies. I'm a Twilight fan for pity's sake. Where I come from that's tantamount (is that a word) anyway it's regarded as being almost the same as
stupidly airy-fairy never gonna be a man strange, regardless of what you look like or who you date. The world is a strange place barbara and we're the ones who make it that way. Weird huh?

barbara said...

@ Shannon,all is forgiven,I never hold a grudge.I keep away from people who do,they make a sunny day gray.
@Nick. the world would be so boring if everyone looked the same and thought the same,I have always steered clear of the cardboard cut outs they are very scary,they are afraid to,or are unable to have a belly laugh,they think it is vulgar to laugh out loud,and the movies they like oh Lord. love to all.xxx

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