"I've seen him grow a lot, and I've seen him get more comfortable with his position [as a celebrity]. But I also don't see any change in who he is."
- Kristen

"She's a brilliant actress. Breathtakingly beautiful, and furthermore, she has an unbelievable charisma. In front of the camera we harmonised perfectly, the chemistry just worked."
- Robert

Monday, 21 January 2013

Jurassic Journalism Holds No Weight...

Following along the line of thought from the weekend; the daily deluge of crap that flows like a murky river of denial and stupidity from the media, down to those who believe every single thing that is written. Let me educate my readers on a few things.

Firstly; nothing that is written with a gossip's point of view is true. You have to understand that the birth of social media - people with accounts on twitter/facebook/livejournal and any other form of connecting with the wonderful World Wide Web (WWW) to the little people, feed the mass hysteria that allows the media to cash in on writing crap about celebrities lives.

Since the dawn of interest (Jurassic time) us poor mortals have always been interested in living vicariously through someone else's life. A celebrity lives in such wealth and notoriety. They had wonderful homes, interesting and exciting sex lives and do a job that most look at as being very, very easy. Smile and pose and recite a few lines - hey presto you are a superstar!
The media (TV shows, webloids, newspapers and supermarket magazines) lure people in with their glossy photos and up, close and personal views of how the 'other people' live. A celebrity when they become one; mainly due to marketing their image by studios, Agents, Managers, PR officiates and anyone else who gets introduced to them with the mantra "we are going to make you a star. Just sit back and let me, help you, help us!" Ringing in their ears. Don't realise the life contract they sign when they embark on the 'bizarre life' of the rich and famous.

A celebrity is thankful for the attention - movies, shows, music contracts...allow them to live the dream, to make something of themselves. To live out a fantasy they always had, whilst growing up. Very few realise until it's too late, that once they become 'successful' the media (intrepid journalists, press photographers, gossip presenters) and anyone else under that one colourful umbrella...believe you know owe them a pint of your blood. A percent of your success, an insight scoop into your private life. Once that golden glitteraty of 'chat shows, photo shoots, interviews and press junkets' allow the media to form an opinion of you - your world is no longer your own.

Journalists will then write with that point of view of you, for the foreseeable future.
"Kristen Stewart never smiles, she never laughs she is always looking so dull and serious. A despondent young woman, a teenage rebel, sulky and sullen, a bit of a bitch."

The image is there and people latch onto it and believe those words to be true. They then put up images of her, photos of Kristen not smiling, caught in a moment where she dislikes the media's attention of her and it's all 'KStew is a sullen bitch. She has two facial features - grumpy and constipated looking.'

Jealous women who look at this girl; see the movies she has been in, see the people she has worked with, but that means nothing. They believe the media hype; a single Jurassic journalist's opinion of 'never smiles' and that's all they focus on - the negative.

While the media takes steps to pull Kristen down - her other half, her co-star of the Twilight Saga, Robert Pattinson, they build him up to be some kind of 'sex-god'
This young unassuming Brit, has a following of fans and a frenzied obsession bordering on Pop-Star fascination. If it's not the gaggle of women all living vicariously through the fantasy that 'they are with him' it's the media's obsessive need to build him up into some kind of sexual deviant. That every time he is away working on a movie, he is chatting up single women in bars, eating out with single 'strange' women in restaurants. Eyeing up his female co-stars for an interlude of 'secret sex' between movies - the list goes on. It boggles their tiny 'need to write something mouthwatering and untrue' minds, that a man of his age; the range of his successes, finds comfort in being in a relationship...that's just not...acceptable.
Those who call themselves fans, see the media as the gateway to heaven. That all these so called 'exclusive' interviews, where the 'gossip hack' writes the piece all by themselves and have those reading, jumping to conclusions through their careful and clever way of editing and writing, around a painfully thin story - see this as journalism. This is the only way the media can survive in this disastrous economic climate - lie and make it look good.
If the fans of celebrities would just sit back and think for a second, they would then realise that for every 'click' on a website's link, for every Dollar/Pound/Euro etc...they spend in buying their glossy mag, filled with gossip - they are keeping the Jurassic Park of untruths in business.

Since 2008; the media has had a love/hate relationship with Rob and Kristen. Loved the hype a 'fantasy teenage romance movie' and that included building up an adorable image, of the young co-stars for fans to flock and adore. At the same time, the hate was created by threading the image of Kristen and her 'boyfriend' of the time, and how the 'sexual chemistry' between Rob and Kristen was maybe, just maybe, putting pressure on that relationship 'feed the hype, insinuate a problem' that's how the media operates.

The lines were drawn - adulate and adore the shy and cheeky young British actor; whom very few could place his face in anything outside 'Harry Potter' (the embarrassing petition to get him removed from being 'precious' Edward Cullen will always be forever engrained in my mind) meanwhile...question and ponder over the young American actress; her feelings and emotions or lack thereof, according to some 'gossip entertainment sites' between her boyfriend and her co-star. It didn't matter that it was nobody's business. The media had bitten into something so juicy, so tempting - they hadn't had anything quite this salacious since Elizabeth Taylor and her 'passionate love affair' and subsequent marriages and divorces from Richard Burton.
Kristen and Rob had captured the media and fans alike attention. They're UST was seen by everyone and talked about with just the same 'bursting' enthusiasm. Apart from those, who had already began fixating on Rob as the 'next hot thing' to come out of Hollywood. Gossip mags, photo shoots and even entertainment sites, displayed their interest. Cries of 'Rob is single' was heard and repeated. Along with of course, the 'teasing' of his co-star and how much he 'liked her'

Rob is only bankable if he is single...
In Hollywood, if you are single you can then be 'ignorantly' written into any piece of trash, a journalist sees fit to write. Rob Pattinson is with .... and was seen chatting with .... of course they are all blonde, all strange women and all done under the cover of darkness. What is worse, is that these hacks don't look for any trail of evidence. Instead, they turn to the wonderful social media; the accounts of fans, not locked down and hidden and read the fiction that is printed there and before you know it, an 'exclusive' is written of Rob and his bevy of 'blonde girlfriends'
The young actor 'according to the stories written about him' seems to have the stamina of a stallion, the amount of women he has supposedly 'bedded' in between being loved up with his long term girlfriend, for nearly 5 yrs.
Oh but of course, there lies the little crux in all of this - social media and gossip media do love to spin a story.

Kristen is barely tolerated by his 'super fans' whose hen pecking mothers and overbearing tweens, who think Kristen will never be suitable for 'their' Rob. Of course, through the media's constant push about an 'indiscretion' that happened last year and already there are voodoo dolls of the young actress out there, with 'darning' needles pushed through, replacing the pins. Between the media's constant repeat of it, the 'super fans' who will not give it a rest...two people have struggled through so much attention and hype, surrounding their lives and the lives of their families and friends.

Insecurity from those who announce proudly they are fans, yet as soon as Rob or Kristen have to 'separate' due to work commitments, the gossiping media sits back and rubs it's hands.
They do the usual 'insecurity alert' Rob or Kristen jet off to ..... to begin working on a new movie. Followed by 'hope springs eternal' maybe, just maybe Kristen/Rob will visit the set of the movie? Followed by 'Kristen/Rob watch' let's keep our eyes on the street - aka the roaches, who get paid to take photographs, situated outside 'their' home and the homes of his/her family to see if they can be spotted. Call the airports with the resident paparazzi for any update on Kristen's or Rob's whereabouts and wait...

If he/she doesn't appear within a week, two weeks...oh dear, shouldn't a couple reunite after a few weeks, what's happened? Then they dispense the 'trouble in paradise' card; according to our inside source 'they've been fighting, 'Rob/Kristen wants he/she to come out but Rob/Kristen doesn't want to interfere with his/her work.'

'Kristen is sick of seeing Rob out drinking and having a good time' 'Rob is sick of Kristen's demands, that he shouldn't be going out drinking to then get bombarded by female fans, throwing themselves at him and passing their 'cell numbers' secretly to get Rob to call' 'Rob is sick of Kristen being seen laughing and having a good time with her co-stars. He is sick being stuck looking after the house and the pets when he could be out enjoying his own life!'

Oh and this is just for starters...
Bottom line...
If you believe every single thing that is written by the gossiping media, you will never find peace in this crazy fandom of Rob and Kristen as 'Hollywood's darling celebrity couple.' Because the gossiping media won't allow you to see them as having a normal life; trying to succeed in a relationship in the industry they both work in. You will live for drama, wake up insecure every single time they are apart and email sites with worrying questions, surrounding the concern of 'when will they be together again?'

Insecurity is the media's life force. They love insecure and troubled fans; it makes for good gossip - editorials on how lonely Kristen is or how lonely Rob is and make you believe their relationship is in trouble.
When really all you have to do is very simple - do not click, do not buy into it, just simply ignore.

When you can do that, the media; Jurassic Journalists and their need to 'dramatise' - will hold no weight and you will feel much happier for it.



  1. "When really all you have to do is very simple - do not click, do not buy into it, just simply ignore."

    I love this line. :)

  2. Very well said tempest! Thank you for always being so rational and straight forward!

  3. Tempest/Well said,so very true. Bravo.xxxx

  4. Tempest...oh what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive. I have no idea who coined this phrase, but it sure does apply to the tab/webloids treatment of Rob and Kristen. The media zeros in on any given situation regarding R/K, and puts a negative spin on it. Then, some people on the social networks swallow the lies that have been spoon fed to them by the media, and boom, it's off to the races. As sad and pathetic as this cycle is, I don't see it changing anytime soon. Your advice is the best, as always. Ignore, ignore, ignore. I hope you, and all of the lovely ladies who comment have a great week.

  5. You would think by now the nonnies would see that their scare tactics haven't worked before and never will with the sane fans. Rob is grateful to have this job and Kristen is just as proud for him and is supporting him as she always has. That's what two people deeply in love with each other do,they're there when the other needs them. Those of us who have basic reading comprehension skills already know this,yet the nonnies who still ned "Hooked on Phonics",is continuing to struggle with this basic concept.

  6. The gossip rags & mags & negative blogs are all just blah, blah, blah......... full of noise, signifying nothing.......!!

  7. Trust me once the audience hits the rags where it hurts in their pocket books they will be out of print faster than toilet paper.

  8. As T pointed out, it's as easy as 1,2,3. Don't buy the rag mags and give them your hard earned money. Don't give the rag tabs any hits and don't go to the hate sites. If you believe any of their bullshit, then I've got a story for you. Nonnies and nonberts have united and are called bertnies. Their motto will be that Rob & Kristen will marry and concieve the golden child and will live happily ever after.

    1. Well said Atticus.those detestable ragmags,I never buy.The last time I picked one up was at the Dentist.Last year when the sky fell on Kristen.It was the only mag on the table ,everything else had racing cars and yachts.Famous ragmag,uuuuugh I have kept away from them all of them,they are full of tripe.
      On the subject of tripe,I heard some this morning on the Today Show,I stopped watching it a while ago because all they do is criticise R/K in their "Hollywood Gossip".
      I only switched on the T V to see President Obama's Inauguration Day.
      Instead I got the tripe about Rob and Kristen.So I quickly switched stations,I just can't stand the bollocks.xxxx down with the nonnies and nonberts.xxxxx

    2. I stopped watching the Today show as well,because all they did was bash Rob and Kristen. Instead of reporting on how they worked through their problems,all they wanted to talk about was when Kristen had everything coming down on her. Their take on it is that Rob shouldn't have forgiven her and become like the other self-centered people in Hollywood. Shows how much they know about him,doesn't it? I was getting sick of their snide comments and their attitudes of he could do better than her. It's a good thing we as the sane side of the fandom know better than any of these gossip hags. They wouldn't know true love if it slapped them in the face.

    3. Babs...I'm watching the Ellen show at the moment, and they are doing a live bit from the Sydney opera house. I know you don't live there, but Coffs Harbour is close enough, so of course I thought of you. The fact that everyone in the crowd was sweating due to the extream heat made me wish for that, as we are freezing our asses of here with an actual temp of zero degrees F. Be careful what you wish for, right? I don't know what to think about the Today show. I have been watching it for years, but I do believe the snark ampted up when Savannah came on board. Oh well, it is what it is. And BTW, thanks for supporting our newly inaugurated president. What a great speech, what a wonderful day, and what a lovely family. Have a good day, my friend.xxx

  9. My old friend T, I dont always post a comment but I always read. Thank you for continuing be a voice of reason and truth in this sometimes insane fandom. All the best to you and yours. XO

    "If the fans of celebrities would just sit back and think for a second, they would then realise that for every 'click' on a website's link, for every Dollar/Pound/Euro etc...they spend in buying their glossy mag, filled with gossip - they are keeping the Jurassic Park of untruths in business."

  10. Sweet Flowergirl and Marion.These morning shows are all the same.The wooden headed anchors who think they are funny,interesting and entertaining are boring and one eyed.The Muppets are more interesting than any of them.
    I saw that "interview" with Rob and that Savannah air head,and her intrusive questions about Kristen,but she was so thick that she missed the fact that Rob treated her with derision in his response.Rob and Kristen are smarter and more intelligent that any
    of these empty headed cardboard cutouts.
    On a brighter note I watched the inauguration,I was twirling with joy.
    Mrs Obama and the girls looked stunning,President Obama and that speech had me clapping loudly.It was wonderful to watch.What a beautiful and loving family.xxxx love to you my sweet friend.(we are still cooking in the heat) love to all.

    The R&K tandem is SINGLEHANDEDLY beating the Crap out of the RAG MAGS fight to exist. THEY MUST BE BANNED. All the LIES SPEWING magazines selling personalities' photos with their fictions MUST BE SHUT DOWN.
    Someday the TALE of these TWO PEOPLE'S love story will go down the history of CRAPPY JOURNALISM ERA. When MEDIA went ALL-TIME-LOW-AND-CHEAP by piggybacking on these TANDEM.

  12. I wonder since we haven't seen Kristen that means she's with Rob. I wouldn't put it past those two with their super ninja skills. Wouldn't that be something. It's unbelieveable the crap that is written about them and then the people that are stupid enough to believe it. It boggles the mind.

  13. Great one, T! You just said the exact of what I had in mind. I can never get people who'd buy every word of the gossip rags. For all we know- those unprofessional journalists will just keep doing what they do best- exploiting Rob and Kristen's personal relationship, concocting lies, and more lies. People shouldn't be bothered or cared about the things the tabloids are saying, because they know nothing about them and none of 'em are true. Bottom line- You couldn't have said it any better, I agree wholeheartedly with you.:)
    Best regards, CR.

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